Acronis True Image 2013 Plus – An Easy-To-Use Data Backup And Hard Drive

2/6/2013 5:28:30 PM

Acronis True Image can be the most famous in applications of backing up and restoring individual. 2013 version is build up due to a total ancestor that can provide backup ability of system, backup file and constant backup.

Description: Acronis True Image 2013 Plus

Acronis True Image 2013 Plus

Acronis also promises a software sandbox, disk cloner and file shredder.

Main screen provides people that use the first time with a lot of help, friendly direction and thew way to choose source and target folder, zone or drive to set up a backup type and establishment of schedule.

If you prefer handicraft type, you can choose these options traditionally and adjust process.

We backed up a drive for 50GB zone that we used to check antivirus software - it takes 26 minutes. It takes 1 hour and 2 minutes to back up file of similar folder group, so route of system takes place faster.

You can check backup system and extract individual files if possible.

Acronis considers “The cloud” one of the benefits in setting up True Image 2013. In reality, you only need to receive 1 month for trial and service’s price is about $5 after that.

You can synchronize file on PC with laptop, tablet and other equipment by assigning folder ad running synchronous tool of True Image. If you paid for Acronis Cloud and had online backing up, file could access iOS and Android application.

Backup process can be scheduled and there are many ways to keep the sum of backup size at the suitable rate, from assigning a certain backup quantity from the sum of archive’s size that program shouldn’t overcome. These modes work well and it means that a few things can cause surprise.

Plus version of program is evaluated here and it has 2 more functions: “Restore to dissimilar hardware” and a WinPE configuration for restoring CD disk or USB drive.

Description: Plus version of program is evaluated here and it has 2 more functions

Plus version of program is evaluated here and it has 2 more functions.

Windows Pre-install Environment is a minimizing version of Windows that makes configuration look familiar; however, it has to be downloaded at the time of creating restoring drive because of agreement about authorizing for updating of Microsoft with the third party.

“Restore to dissimilar hardware” function can work like the things that you expect. It allows you to set up the whole system on new hardware. It will prove that it is the most useful if you upgrade present system with new motherboard.

The feature can help you run again quickly provide that there are available driver for new graphic card, hard disk drive or other components. However, it isn’t the way to break assessment about right and copy system. Microsoft will often detect when hardware changes and it will ask Windows to be activated again.

It’s good to think that Acronis also solved reminding problem that 2012 version perpetrated – it did this thing regularly besides moments that are assigned for backup according to calendar. During our test, 2013 product didn’t show similar noisy activity.


·         Price: $94, including VAT

·         Website:


Technological request

·         Windows XP/Vista/7/8



·         Acronis True Image 2013 is the most total tool to back up and restore on PC, but it also opens door for mobile access to Acronis Cloud.

·         It takes more fees, but it won’t make you fail completely.

·         If you don’t have effective strategy to back up, True Image is a good choice. But you have 2012 product and you don’t need cloud or support of Windows 8. Upgrading isn’t necessary.

·         Usefulness: 4/5

·         Feature: 4.5/5

·         Value: 3.5/5

·         Total: 4/5

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