Windows Tips & Tricks (May 2012) - Part 4

5/24/2012 5:32:32 PM


9.    Works, Office

Conversion of MS Works databases for access in Excel

If your data is in .WDB format then it's difficult to import it in other applications. You want to convert the data into Excel for easy access.

Description: Works Database Converter

A small Java tool converts your files without having to install the application.

WDB files have a proprietary Microsoft format that cannot open in MS Office and can seldom open in a different program. Most of the times, Microsoft Works has to be installed for the access so as to save the data from here into a CSV or dBase format.

However, there is an alternative available to quickly convert such files in the form of a Java application. Search for Works Database Converter and download the JNLP file and start it by double-clicking. The file then starts the actual application. In a small program dialog that will appear select the WDB file as the "Source file" or navigate using the "choose" option. The target file is generated in the same folder. As an option select "Excel spreadsheet" and then start the process using the logical "Convert" option. Simpler the WDB database, the more chances of the result being free of any errors. You can then immediately take over the databases using a table sheet in the new application.

10. Word 2007/2010

Place your own watermark at intervals in the text

You can use a clipart as a watermark in MS Word. Adjust its brightness contrast and fix its position either in alignment with the paragraph or behind text, etc.

Description: From Advanced options you can fix the position of the watermark

From Advanced options you can fix the position of the watermark.

If you wish to insert a watermark in the text then activate the entry "Clip Art" in the "Insert" tab. Now, place your cursor at the beginning of the paragraph where you want the watermark and select the clip art you want from the given options. Now, simply click on the graphic to select it. Once you select a particular clip art you will see that Word highlights the picture formatting tools. From here you can define the "Line break" or the "Text wrapping" and then select the option "In front of text" in the following menu.

Now, you will see that the graphic is displayed over the text - this makes it easy to drag it to adjust the size. Just place your cursor on any one of the points displayed on the border to adjust the size, hold the mouse button pressed and drag the image to the desired size. You can even change its position if you click inside the image and keep the button pressed.

Now, open the command "Brightness" for image correction in the multifunctional bar if you want to increase the brightness of the image.

But be careful while increasing the brightness; make sure the watermark is not be so bright that it fades out the text over it. Then go to the multifunction bar and check on "Text Wrapping", here select "More Layout Options".

Now make sure that the options "Move object with text" and "Lock Anchor" are checked. Then select the option "Behind Text" from "Text Wrapping" and click on save. Please keep in mind that once you select this option then you cannot make any changes to the watermark. If you wish you make changes then you can give para break and then select the watermark to format it.

The only thing you need to make sure of when you want to insert a watermark to a paragraph is that the paragraph should be on one page. The watermark will appear only on the first page in case of a change in the page. You can even use a WordArt object instead of a graphic; the relevant option must be selected from the multifunction bar over the "Add" tab.

11. Browser

Surf anonymously

You want to surf the web anonymously, but do not wish to install security tools or spend much.

Description: offers a comfortable option for anonymous surfing, mailing and posting.

If you wish to surf anonymously you can use the service offered by the website This does not really depend on the browser that you .—. are using and does not even require any installation. You can select the English version on the website. You will now find an input field for the desired Internet address, you can now surf this site anonymously after clicking on "Surf anonymous" option.

Anonymous surfing does not just offer more protection in case of unknown site, but also generally in practice when you are sending e-mails via an online service from some other computer. However, the website does not support any secure connections in the free version over "https".

12.   Excel 2007/2010

Jump quickly and easily onto the margin of the actual data

When working in Excel and especially when working with a huge table, it is often troublesome to scroll through the entire table. You want to go to the end or start of the data quickly and easily.

Description: Excel 2010

When you double-click on cell edges you will jump to the edge of the respective data.

If you are working in Microsoft Excel and want to jump directly to the end of the column without having to scroll down through the sheet then all you need to do is double-click on the lower margin of any cell in this column. Likewise, you can also reach the first cell containing data in the column by double-clicking on the upper border. If you click the left or right edges of a cell two times then the table calculation immediately mark the cells on the left or right side of that row. In this way you can quickly go to extreme areas just by clicking on the cell borders.

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