Linux Expert Advice – May 2012 (Part 2)

5/30/2012 11:33:35 AM

Preferred Apps

File type is a form of app association, but there are still apps for default tasks such as browsing web. In this case, these associations help the operating system know what to do when facing a link in other apps, such as whether the link is embedded in Word document or in email. Similar forms of control help Ubuntu know what to do when you click on email address, have got plenty of multimedia files to play, or click on a file that should run in Terminal window. By changing these defaults, you can make sure that the system always opens your preferred apps.

Description: Preferred Apps

These settings just change app in order for it to open from other app (for example, clicking a link in email will open the browser), and it do not skip default app for a particular file type. For instant, you can open HTML file in Firefox, but the default browser setting is Chromium.

These changes are executed by System Settings app, which is available from Ubuntu search menu. Open Preferred Applications, which is listed below Personal. It gives you a dialog box with tabs for different types of app. Below each tab, select an app to match the task by using the drop-down menu. For internet, you can set default Web Browser and Mail Reader. For Multimedia, you can select Multimedia Player (Banshee will be the default). For System, you can select Terminal Emulator (GNOME Terminal should be the default).

Inserted save format

Description: Tell Ubuntu open file with an app forever or once

Tell Ubuntu open file with an app forever or once

There is another area in which Ubuntu has default apps – that is, when you insert save format, such as CD, DVD or USB drives, into the computer. Like Windows, Ubuntu can detect what are saved in save format and perform a task such as open photo slideshow.

To access these settings, you will need to click the Home Folder from Launcher, and then select Preferences from the Edit menu. Click on the Media tab, and you will see a list of popular save formats, including CD audio và DVD video. There are three options for files found in the save format: music, photo, and software. Just use drop-down menus to choose the app you want to assoctiate with the save format that has just been inserted.

There is also an option that change dedaults options for less popular save formats such as Blu-ray disc and while optical disc. Use the Type menu to select the save format, and use the Action menu to select what you want to do such as running a selected app or browsing file.

You can select ‘Never prompt or start programs on media insertion’ if you want Linux to leave you alone.

Apps set-up

When you get more familiar with Linux, and see that you have already had preferred apps, you can use these instructions to make sure that your file is always open in selected program, instead of the default set up by Ubuntu.

To have a perfect association, maybe you have to change all three settings described here, but when you to that, you will see the computer work exactly in the way you want. Do not worry if a default is changed by new app you installed because we said that it was easy to re-change.

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