Linux Expert Advice – May 2012 (Part 1) - Configure defaut programs

5/30/2012 11:32:49 AM

Configure defaut programs

Get annoyed since your Linux PC open a wrong app file, or inserting music CD has something strange? We explain how to recover the harmony.


Linux, like Windows, tries to make life easier by assoctiating files and tasks with apps. For example, inserting music CD will start Banshee music player. However, sometimes defaults are skipped; for example, when you install new software, it is more difficult to use PC. Fortunately, everything can be set up normally with this guide.

Description: Linux Expert

Default actions for particular types of file and saving forms, such as music CD and DVD, can be useful since they allow double-clicking a file to access it. However, a problem may occur. Adding or uninstalling software and selecting wrong option may soon confuse everything. Ubuntu allows you to change default apps to perform all tasks, but it also disperses options, presents many places to search if you want to change them. Luckily, it is very easy to make everything work in an expected order. This month, we will show you how to configure everything in a way as smooth as possible.

File assiociation

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File assiociation is one of the most important elements of any modern operating system. They show the operating system which app to use when you double-click a file. Without these assoctiations, first you have to open an app, and then determine file to open it. Unfortunately, if file association changes, you will quickly lose file editing ability.

Fortunately, Ubuntu helps you solve such these errors easily. Besides, it can give you quite a lot of options that Windows cannot. To edit a file association, click the Home Folder icon in Launcher and browse to a file that is not opening in appropriate app. Right-click a file and choose Properties. Click the Open With tab, and then click Reset. It will restore the type of file to default setting, and you will see that app list in the dialog box gets back to normal. At this time, you can click Close. All files with the same type will open in appropriate apps.

That is not all you can do in this dialog box. If you click the Add button, you will receive a list of other apps installed on the computer. Choose an app you want to use for opening file type, and then click Add. It will be added to the app list in Open With dialog box, and will be chosen as default app. Or, you can leave it alone if you prefer the file to open in the app you choose, or you can select the check box for original app to make it default. It sounds strange when you add more apps, but this will become wise later.

At this time, when you right-click the file, you will see the Open With option for all apps you have added with the default double-click-app above. This may look like a strange thing, but for particular files, it is a reasonable way to work. For example, for a HTML file, you can add a HTML editor app or text editor app to the list. This allows you to edit these files quickly, but there is double-click option to open file in your web browser.

The right-click menu also gives you a quick way to change default app to open a type of file. Right click the file and select Open With Other Application. In the dialog box appearing, select the app you want to use for opening file from list. If you want to select the check box “Remember this application for <file type> file”, this app will become the default one; unmark and click Open, and it is a once-agreement.

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