Lomega 1TB Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition 7

6/7/2012 6:27:44 PM

Our initial impressions of the Iomega 1TB Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition were very positive, as it looks like a lovely piece of hardware. The model name is clearly ridiculous and is about as sensible as a new model of Toyota called the ’Going down the road on wheels to collect shopping vehicle'. Technically accurate, perhaps, but undeniably daft.

Description: Lomega 1TB Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition 7

In this case we're looking at a 1TB hard drive in a caddy with a network connection on the rear. Iomega has added all manner of NAS features such as Flickr, YouTube and Facebook active share folders, as well as a BitTorrent client.

We'll come to those features in a moment, but first we have to address the aesthetics of the Iomega, as it looks absolutely stunning. The casing is made from matt black brushed aluminium with a perforated front panel that carries a handful of discreet pale white activity LEDs. There is one USB 2.0 port on the front panel for connecting an extra drive with a second USB 2.0 port on the rear, along with the gigabit Ethernet port and power jack.

The casing looks absolutely gorgeous. However, we cannot claim that many people will be fussed about the appearance of their NAS. In all likelihood the device will spend its life on a shelf next to the wireless router where it is out of sight and out of mind.

This is something of a shame as we consider the appearance of the Home Media Network Hard Drive to be one of its major strengths.

The other point in its favour is the price, as you cannot sneeze at a 1TB NAS that sells for less than $160. However, things are not quite what they seem. There are three models in the range with Iomega list prices of $324.8 for 1TB, $382.4 for 2TB and $523.2 for 3TB. You can find the drives on sale for $156.8, $240 and $368 respectively which is a discount of $160 in each case. That's a hefty percentage and a huge amount of money but honestly, we cannot see anyone paying the full whack for a NAS even if it the prettiest thing in the store. And no, we don’t think the Apple Time Capsule looks especially stylish or interesting.

As it happens we were sent the 2TB NAS on the strict understanding that we promised to pretend that it is the 1TB to comply with the price ceiling for this group. Happy to oblige.

Once we had finished admiring the looks of the Iomega we plugged it in and immediately hit a problem as the power supply made a Phhffttt noise and died on the spot. Happily enough the WD power adapter worked in its place but honestly, that's not a good start. The Iomega is quite noisy and we assumed at first there was a cooling fan humming away inside the casing. We dismantled the casing and found no fan so the noise must come from the Seagate Barracuda LP hard drive, and is presumably amplified by the metal casing.

When the time comes to download software for your Home Media Network Hard Drive you'll find that Iomega has an annoyance in store as you have to register with them before you can access the support site. Then, each time you perform a download, you’ll get an email from Iomega. During the course of this review that was four emails, one for new firmware, one for a manual, one for Iomega Storage Manager and one for Iomega Home Storage Manager.

The configuration screen for the Iomega is browser based and we found the Windows firewall shouted a lot about violations and disabled an alarming amount of security.

Please don't think that the Iomega is a bad NAS - it isn’t -but there is undoubtedly plenty of room for improvement with this model.

Description: Lomega 1TB Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition 7


Price: $156.8

Manufacturer: Iomega


Required spec: Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.5 onwards

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