Useful apps for iPad (Part 2) : Evernote, Wave Accounting & Dataviz Docs To Go

4/6/2012 2:44:43 PM



Description: Evernote

Evernote is one of the more established productivity apps for smartphones and tablets. Much like the elephant that symbolises this app, Evernote aims to ensure you never forget an appointment, a half-remembered message or task, or lose track of a web page containing important information. It’s like a clipping service for you brain, and has the immense advantage of being free to use across multiple devices.

Create an account on your PC and you’ll then be able to log into it from any web connected device. We had problems with account creation in an iPad; important messages stating that our account name format was invalid didn’t appear. We used an Android tablet instead, and didn’t even need to wait for a confirmation email.

Evernote is a doddle to use. Click the page icon to create a new note; tap the pushin to log your current location; take a photo; and install the optional Web Clipper widget to start collating web pages. Location data can also be stored with your notes.

You can tag items and add them to private or selectively sharable notebooks. For family tree, business or scholarly research, these soon become invaluable.


Backups to Evernote server are automatic, providing peace of mind. This app is equally usefull to student, a mobile worker, a small business owner and a busy mum.


Wave Accounting

Description: Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting began as a web based financial tool. It caught our eye because it’s one of few such services that work with Sterling rather than defaulting to US dollars. There’s now a free plug in for Chrome.

Setup involves little more than creating an account and adding items to your sales and expenses list. You can save contact details for companies and individuals with whom you’ve dealt, automatically generate invoices, and see a balance sheet and payment pending information. Various taxes can be added, and payment terms amended. What we couldn’t work out was how to add discounts for bulk purchases of materials, or shipping costs where applicable.

You can associate your Wave account with your online bank account, and approve or hold in abeyance particular payments depending on the healthiness of your balance. As well as small business account, Wave maintains a separate tab in which you can enter personal expenses. A monthly overview, with a pie chart showing where the lion’s share of your salary is disappearing, offers a useful visual means of understanding your outgoings.

Wave also sends you weekly updates of the transactions that have taken place.


few accounting tools are as straightforward and un-daunting tools are as straightforward and un-daunting to use as Wave. The fact that it’s free is another important plus point.

Dataviz Docs To Go

Description: Dataviz Docs To Go

Docs To Go will be familiar to BlackBerry and some Android users as the office suite found on smartphones. It’s the closest thing we’ve found to a complete productivity package.

On the Android version you log into your Google Docs account and can then view and edit items stored there or in your email. These are listed alphabetically by default, but it’s a single click to view recently edited files.

The spreadsheet we tried opened fine, with all the formatting preserved. Clicking on a cell, followed by the Options menu, brought up options for insert function, rows, auto-sum or a cell comment.

New documents can be composed, but the options are limited and you can save existing files only in Office 2004 format.

It’s easy enough to select a specific cell to enter data in Sheet To Go, but you need to bring up the menu list and choose an option before the onscreen keyboard appears.

Viewing text documents is a plain vanilla experience, with text filling the full width of the screen and displayed rather small by default. You can pinch to zoom in, but the copy doesn’t reflow.

You can open documents stored on an SD Card. Documents are saves either to this or Google Docs.


Docs To Go is simple to use and covers basic tasks without complaint, but it’s rather unsophisticated, given its price, and not without faults.

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