By Design: Just Mobile Accessory = Efficiency!

7/17/2012 9:13:08 AM

Just mobile makes some of the most innovative and cleverly engineered Apple accessories you can buy, and you’ll covet them just for the way they look and feel. But the underlying purpose they all have in common is to improve the way you use your Apple devices.

Each model in the Just Mobile range, of which we feature a selection here, brings its own benefits to your desktop, making your favourite Apple products even more usable.

Description: Mtable

Mtable, nominated for a German Design Award 2012, is a multi-purpose desktop stand crafted from solid aluminium to com­plement Apple’s hardware. Use it as a laptop stand, raising your MacBook’s screen above desk level, or as a monitor stand, providing space to push your MacBook underneath while using desktop peripherals or to stow your keyboard and make room for papers in front. A mesh of die-cut holes at the rear ensures your MacBook won’t overheat in the confined space, and the top is wide and strong enough to support a Thunderbolt Display or 27in iMac. There’s no more stylish way to keep your desk clear for work. The Mtable costs $75 from

Description: Encore

Encore is a beautifully simple stand for any model of iPad. Designed by the award-win­ning team at Tools Design in tools design in Copenhagen, it consists of a solid alumin­ium base ring and a hinged rubberised arm. Adjust the arm to choose the perfect stand- up viewing angle for videos, or fold it down for rock-solid typing support. The soft finish means there’s no danger of scratches to your iPad, which stays firmly in place in both portrait and landscape orientations. With top-quality components and a precision- engineered hinge, the Encore will help you get more out of your iPad, encouraging you to use it around the home or office instead of leaving it languishing in a bag. The Encore costs $62 from

Description: Alupad

Alupad proves brilliantly that less is more. As much as you might like to clear objects off your desktop, a good quality mouse pad is essential to smooth tracking. Just Mobile’s solution is crafted from a single slab of anodised aluminium wrapped in a seamless white plastic chosen for its mouse-friendly properties. Another Tools Design triumph, the Alupad won a coveted Red Dot Design Award in 2010 - and not many mouse pads can say that. The Alupad costs £36.95 from

Description: Alucube mini
Alucube mini

Alucube mini lets you tame stray cables without adding to the clutter you’re trying to cut. Sculpted from a seamless chunk of high-grade aluminium, it houses a rubber- lined slot that keeps your wires just where they're meant to be. Use it on your desk to keep things tidy, or in your bag or pocket for tangle-free cords. A pack of two Alucube minis, with adhesive patches to pin them down, costs $19 from

Description: Drawer

Drawer is a monitor stand and storage unit for when you really want to keep your desk­top tidy. The sleek aluminium case takes the weight of your iMac or Thunderbolt Display and guards a subtle black plastic tray in which your iPhone, iPod or USB drive can stay tucked out of sight - but still con­nected, if you wish, through the two cable holes at the rear. And by raising the screen to your eye line, you’ll make your Mac more ergonomic at the same time. The Drawer costs $112 from

Description: Upstand

Upstand and Xtand pro are designed to raise your iPad or MacBook Pro respectively to a more comfortable viewing height. Crafted from Just Mobile’s signature aluminium, each has rubber grips to hold your precious Apple hardware firmly with­out scratching and allows air to circulate freely around the device. The Xtand Pro also comes with a lower tubular support for use at typing height. Both recipients of design awards, the UpStand costs $51 and Xtand Pro $88 from

Description: Xtand pro
Xtand pro

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