Combine The Pieces Together - Third Party Windows Defragmenter (Part 3) - Raxco PerfectDisk 12.5 Pro, Auslogic Disk Defrag 3.3

6/23/2012 10:46:26 AM

Raxco PerfectDisk 12.5 Pro

5.12 PerfectDisk is a product worth a try if you like full drive information and want to control information about the defragmentation process. Anyone can get benefit from it, but the biggest benefit is for those who study what it can do than like the “install and forget” program. It has features you expect from an advanced defragmentation: defrag at boot time, set up work with many options, defragment user-specified file or exclude from defragmentation, optimize automatically when fragmentation threshold is reached, the terabyte drive support, the real time defragmentation that hardly touches system resources, etc. It also has a storage manager can scan to find duplicate files and allows you to select any file you want to delete.

Description: Raxco PerfectDisk 12.5 Pro

Unlike other defragmentation utilities, PerfectDisk Pro 5.12 does not provide some other method to defragment but it offers a wide range of parameters that their settings are changed to provide 5 strategies to defragment. You can also design and apply own strategies with these parameters, determine the maximum size of files to defragment, should or should not combine the fragmented file aggressively, length of time is applied to classify based on the newly modified and rarely modified files, etc. Learning the settings is not very easily, but as you know, they do well to create defragment strategy that you want.

A few features found in defragmentation program is the Dashboard tab. It presents health, temperature and hard drive performance, as well as appropriate information and warning messages, such as: “The %rate of drive performance has dropped below 80%”. If you want more technical details, let’s check the SMART tab to find drive information, including transmission mode, rotation speed, etc.

PerfectDisk Pro 5.12 provides a help system in the best product compared to any program in this category, with the excellent contextual detail selection and organization, the highlight illustrations, and many links. PerfectDisk 12.5 Pro is one of the luxury defragmenter, providing speed, options and precise controls.

Auslogic Disk Defrag 3.3

Description: Auslogic Disk Defrag 3.3

Defragmentation display of Disk Defrag does not explore any new ground, but gives you all necessary information

We have introduced many free defragmenter, and again, it provides stability. Nothing likes Defrag Pro 15 or PerfectDisk Pro 12.5, but you may not need everything they offered, or you want to pay the requested price. If comparing between own defragmenter of Windows and the Auslogic, Auslogic won thanks to its speed and features.

Disk Defrag includes fast drive analysis. It provides 2 defragment modes: fast defrag and combined defrag with the consolidation of free storage. There are options to move the files accessed recently to the outer edge of the drive for faster access and skip the larger file fragmentation than a specific size (choices range from 10MB to 10GB). You can also build a list of files and folders to exclude from the process. Other option will delete the contents of the Windows temporary directories and current user directory before defragmenting - to work intelligently based on the assumption that there is no reason to handling spam file, unless the user has other decision. You can do this deeper in a complete utility set such as System Mechanic, but would be simpler to run everything from a program. It has a feature that we want to see further development.

IObit Smart Defrag present to you the list of fragmented files, but Disk Defrag (eg PerfectDisk 12.5 Pro and Defrag 15 Professional Edition) goes further by allowing you to select a particular file or group and defragment them. It also supports terabyte drives. In terms of disadvantages, Disk Defrag only allows you to programme just one defragmentation; you can select multiple drives to defragment and select daily, weekly or monthly schedule, but it is only monitors this job. The other disadvantage is that you can schedule a job or start the automatic defragmentation during idle time of PC. You can not do both, because they use the same menu interface. When we implement this article, there is no support system, only a link to online product documentation but there is nothing there.

But you will not need helping file to use a program that is easy to navigate and use like this. If you want a free, fast defragmenter with some very useful features, Disk Defrag shines.

Disk Defrag 3.3






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