Samsung 900X4C - Small, Sleek And Stylish

10/3/2012 4:03:40 PM

Judged by the standards of most 15in laptops, the Samsung 900X4C is small, sleek and stylish. It's one of the better ultra-portables now flooding the market. A shade under 1.7kg, it boasts unique portability and a crisp style that's starting to tread on Apple's toes.

The curved chassis has resulted in some compromises. The mains-charger plug, for example, has a very narrow barrel that will easily snap if someone trips over the wire. You’ll need to use supplied adaptors for Ethernet or HDMI video, too.

Description: Samsung 900X4C

A 16:9 widescreen spreads across the top panel and boasts great quality: it's LED-backlit, extraordinarily bright and anti-reflective. With 1600 x 900 pixels making up the screen, resolution stands above budget laptops fitted with coarse 1366 x 768 screens.

The touchpad is large and responsive, a button-less type with hidden left- and right-click buttons. You can instead elect to use a two-finger tap for right-clicking if you prefer.

The keyboard has incredibly low-profile keys, so minimal effort is required for typing. The intensity of its white backlight can be controlled; buttons for adjusting this and screen brightness sit on the Function keys, minimising button clutter elsewhere.

Powering the Samsung is a third-generation Intel Core i5 -the same processor we now find inside the entry-level 11in Air. Combined with 8GB of memory, this ‘Series 9' laptop was able to score 125 points in our World Bench 6 real-world speed test.

Storage is solid-state, as you'd expect of something this thin, light and expensive, although the Korean semiconductor specialist has opted for a SanDisk U100 rather than one of its own SSDs.

Thanks to Intel's super-charged HD Graphics 4000 chipset, you can dabble with some gaming on this laptop. We saw a playable 28fps in the basic Fear game at Maximum detail.

Battery life is outstanding at more than 8 hours, although we did note that the Samsung runs slower on battery power.

Description: Samsung 900X4C

Verdict: A great anti-glare display and crisp aluminium shell lift the Samsung Series 9 above the Ultrabook rabble, and speedy Intel silicon keeps the laptop fast and very far from ephemeral. Ideal if you need a light and limber laptop with a great 15in screen.


Price: $2,039



Build: 8/10

Features: 6/10

Performance: 8/10

Value: 6/10

Overall: 8/10


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