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Epson EB-475Wi - A Projector With Innovative Mounts And Interactive Features

2/6/2013 5:28:11 PM

Projector has low resolution; however, its frame is renovated and it also has interactive features. These things mean that this projector with tendency of education is also a good bargain to creative offices.

EB-475Wi of Epson is projector that is attached to wall. It has short-range and private rack. It will project on the wall that is under of it instead of projecting through the other side of room. It helps eliminate dazzling light and unexpected shadow.

EB-475Wi controller is more remarkable than projector that is attached to wall behind on the wall behind room. It cannot be caught shadow by furniture or people that move around in front of beam. Frame is rather heavy with 10 kilograms and near 16 kilograms to attached projector; however, when it is attached and assembled, it is not as sophisticated as most of frames that are attached to ceiling. In reality, projector and frame are designed each other is also an advantage because people set up holes to attach on projector to eliminate demand about cumbersome frame in advance.

Description: Epson EB-475Wi

Epson EB-475Wi

Data of checking images

Projector can embrace screens whose size is from 53 inches to 100 inches. It doesn’t have focusing controllers although it is installed largest with a digital zoom according to default and it is really possible to carry out small adjustments to create suitability with screen’s size. Digital E-Zoom feature of remote controller has more practical use. It allows you to zoom in one part of image and enlarging screen is 1.35 time. This thing is also useful if you connect projector with a USB document camera to display book or document on screen.

There are many other ways to connect many kinds of sources with projector because it has 1 HDMI gate, 2 VGA gates and 1 USB gate. Easy Interactive Function Software of Epson allows you to take full advantage of digital showing pen that is attached so that you can take note from projective screen to computer. 

These pens can be used to move cursor, draw diagram, highlight and enter text. Together with other features, it can transfer showed images to suitable electronic whiteboard to use that is used in meetings, lecture or classroom environment. You can choose one color and use pen to draw and note with form of file PDF, PNG, JPEG or BMP and clean screen with clicking.

Description: These pens can used to move cursor, draw diagram, highlight and enter text.

These pens can used to move cursor, draw diagram, highlight and enter text.

Projector has one 10/100 Ethernet gate to perform network. Once more time, Epson provides software that can help you easily establish and use feature with minimum disorder. One optional wireless dongle is also available. You can also use iProjector of Epson for Android and iOs to present images, documents and direct web pages from smartphones.

Other connections include S-video input, composite and 2 component gates that are used for traditional video recorder and other heritage resources. You can use 1 serial gate to add controller of projector and 1 VGA output to connect projector with additional screens or record content from projector’s screen. EB-475Wi also has available 16W loudspeaker, audio 3.5mm input and audio 3.5 mm output and phono.

Smooth relax

People design projector to use it in a bright room and it can suffer fluorescent light in our laboratory. Light is evaluated 2600 lumen and it decreases 1800 lumen in economy mode. Working in economy mode will help light’s longevity last to 3000 to 4000 hours. It also helps projector become quieter because it requires cooling. Screen’s lambert is rather more leaden than standard mode; however, it can even watch in our environment that is illuminated clearly. We are pleased with low price of replacing light ($76). This thing helps projector have low operating price: $3/hour.

1,280x800resolution (WXGA) is especially low when we compare it with 1080p projector that is designed to hold the role of projector in company and home cinema concurrently. The low resolution makes pixel net easily to recognize although it is performing in bigger size. This thing seems to be difficult to solve when equipment spends a lot of time to present document on white background because it makes everything have grey and neglectfulness.

Theatre mode in warmer, it is more natural with skin tone; however, yellow of Presentation mode becomes more remarkable. Presentation mode is the best mode that is appropriate to watch film. But EB-475Wi is really not designed to present video. Its low resolution is obviously in the small, so if your work relates to producing video, you will need HD projector. However, its movement is smooth and its experience is comfortable enough to watch clips of film.

Intellectual meeting

EB-475Wi mainly serves for users in educational field; however, it can be useful for companies, especially if you work in a creative field or carry out many meetings that need brainstorming of group. It is wonderful value; it has 2 digital pens and a fully done attached frame. However, you are going to show on a large area, and you can see that resolution isn’t appropriate. You cannot bring it outside to perform; however, it is a good addition for a meeting room that is equipped well.


·         Price: $1,669, not including VAT

·         Provider:

·         Ranking: 4/5


Technological features

·         Natural resolution: 1,280x800

·         Contrastive rate: 3000:1

·         Lambert that is evaluated: 2600 ANSI lumen

·         Price of light (economy): $0.03 ($0.015) including  VAT

·         Size: 143x367x375mm; 5.4kg

·         Consuming energy: 0W for waiting , 228W for operating

·         Warranty: 2-year RTB


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