Targus Travel Chill Mat - Chillin' On-The-Go

5/17/2012 4:16:52 PM
You probably don't hear this as much, but notebook coolers can be important necessities. The problem with notebook coolers is just how bulky they tend to be, which is naturally detrimental to bag space. And you can't really design notebook coolers to be easily portable, can't you?

Description: Description: Targus Travel Chill Mat

So here's the Targus Travel Chill Mat, which you can clearly tell is made to be the travelling notebook's companion. Quite literally half the size of conventional coolers, the Travel Chill Mat rather slim and comfortably light. The small design makes it ideal for smaller laptops, and while it supports up to 16-inch notebooks, larger ones tend to settle a little awkwardly.

Description: Description: Targus Travel Chill Mat

The cooler houses two fans, and it powers over USB. Too bad it doesn't support an on-cooler USB hub, meaning you're sacrificing a USB port for the cooling. The two fans does provide effective cooling, however, and it works so quietly we weren't sure it was turned on until we checked.

Targus Travel Chill Mat

Price N/A



Connectivity: USB Fans: 2

Dimensions: 10.8 x 4.9 x 1.3-inches

Weight: 14.08-ounces




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(+) Small and portable

Silent operation

Cools well

(-) No USB hub

A little awkward for larger laptops

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