The Android Army invades! (Part 3) : Disaster recovery

4/28/2012 9:22:51 AM

Part3: Disaster recovery

If the worst should happen, vent on internet forums

1.    Recovery options

Description:  Recovery options

The ClockworkMod Recovery provides a number of recovery and restore features that can help reset and fix problems. Access it from the Moboot boot-loader using the [Volume Button] and [Home] button to select. Options that can fix locking and freeze issues include: Wipe Cache Partition, Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache and Wipe User Data. The last one will reset Android to factory defaults.

2.    Refresh Android

Description: Refresh Android

Within ClockworkMod Recovery you're also able to reset CyanogenMod Android by effectively getting it to reinstall Android on top of itself. Boot into WebOS, mount it as a drive and copy the CM7 full of bugs ZIP file to the root. Eject and reboot the TouchPad and start ClockworkMod Recovery. Choose the 'Install zip' from sd card option and select the Zip from the root.

3.    Android begone

Description: Android begone

If you decide Android's not for you the good news is that an uninstaller is available. We can see this being automated in the future but even in the alpha stage it's nothing you've not already done. Download and extract the Uninstaller Zip file from the RootzWiki TouchPad website. Open a command prompt, change the directory to the Desktop and type: novacom boot mem:// < ACMEUninstaller.

4.    lt's all gone wrong

The above step takes a few minutes for anything to happen but will restore your device to its pre-Android state, recovering partition space. There is one last recovery option with WebOS Doctor found at You'll need your HP WebOS account details, at least five per cent charge and Java installed. The entire reset process shouldn't take more than half an hour.

Android on Android fun

As we've explored there are many reasons to install Android onto a wide range of devices, some are more obvious than others, and CyanogenMod provides cutting-edge builds of Android for a wide range of Android mobile phones and tablets. A big reason is that many people like to be at the cutting-edge of development and many manufacturers tend to either not bother at all, or trail point releases by many months.

For example we have an HTC WildFire officially released with version Android 2.1 and eventually updated to Android 2.2, and we don’t expect any more updates. CyanogenMod offers a customised build of the latest Gingerbread 2.3.7 release with all the bells and whistles. This sounds like it should be straightforward, however our experience showed that while it was simple to flash the new supposedly stable build following the wiki, what wasn't easy was stamping out two massive bugs.

Bug crushing

The first deal-breaking bug was constant crashes, it turns out the SystemUl.apk had to be replaced. This is a process that's easier said than done but it was achieved by copying the .APK to the SD card, opening the terminal app on the phone and entering: su, mount -o remount,rw /system, cp /sdcard/ SystemUl.apk /system/app and then rebooting.

A further deal-breaking issue was no GPS, down to the radio driver. Using Android Flasher - it doesn't list the WildFire, don't worry that's only for boot screen changes - from XDA Developers ( v6bjOP) and the various radio drivers from the CyanogenMod WildFire wiki, this last issue was also easily fixed. All of these various issues show that even a supposedly 'stable' build can be anything but, even so the results are well worth the struggle if you have the time to play around with them.

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