Touchy Curve : BlackBerry Curve 9380

4/25/2012 5:34:22 PM

The first full touch screen Curve from BlackBerry

BlackBerry Curve 9380

Price: $380



The BlackBerry Curve has always been the more affordable, entry level BlackBerry smartphone in RIM’s portfolio. However, when the terms ‘touch screen’ and ‘entry level’ appears in the same sentence, most manufacturers get it wrong. Let’s see how the Curve 9380 fares.

Description: BlackBerry Curve 9380

In terms of design, the Curve 9360 we had last month. The materials used and the chromed parts used are identical to each other. Heck, from the back, the Curve 9380 looks exactly the same as the Curve 9360.

Description: BlackBerry Curve 9380

However, when you flip it over, you’ll see a spacious 3.2 inch touch sensitive display with four buttons and an optical trackpad integrated to the bezel below it. The buttons below the screen are not really touch sensitive but it looks like they are, since it’s flushed nicely into it. On our unit, the Escape button is a little hard to press but it might be an isolated case.

Description: Buttons are not touch sensitive, but looks like they are.

Buttons are not touch sensitive, but looks like they are.

The display is on par with those found on the Torch series. It’s bright and clear while text looks pretty crisp. The touch operation is pretty straight forward and unlike the Bold 9790 we reviewed this month, the 3.2-inch screen gives us ample amount of screen estate for multi-touch gestures.

Typing on the virtual keyboard needs a little getting used to as well. While there is predictive text input, us Malaysians like to use Manglish, a language that no predictive text technology in existence can handle. Users have the options to use a Reduced Keyboard or SureType keyboard, which is a little like the Perl series’ keypad.

In terms of performance, the Curve 9380 is exactly the same as the Curve 9360. Playing games on this thing is a lot better then Curve 9360 though. Camera is also similar but with the touch screen, it’s a lot easier to configure settings on the go. Battery life is slightly better than the Curve 9360, mainly because of the higher capacity battery. However, don’t expect too much as the Curve 9380 requires more power for it’s larger screen.

Chip Conclude

Both the Curve 9380 and the Curve 9360 are priced at $380. It all boils down to personal preference. With the Curve 9380, you gain a larger, touch sensitive display but you lose the legendary BlackBerry QWERTY keypad. It’s your call.



Screen: 3.2-inch, 480 x 360 pixels

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB2.0, Wi-Fi, NFC

Others: 5 megapixels camera, GPS, BlackBerry Internet Service

Dimensions: 109 x 50 x 11.2mm

Weight: 98g



Performance: 2 stars

Features: 4 stars

Design: 4 stars

Value: 5 stars

Good: full touch screen affordable

Bad: virtual keyboard needs getting used to

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