The Effect Of IOS And Facebook On Shutterbugs (Part 2)

7/24/2012 6:00:52 PM

As a photography student, my daughter has just as much of an interest, if not more, in the photo apps as I do. She only uses film in her classes, but for her own home use, it’s all digital for her. She uses a digital camera, a Nikon to be exact, but she comes back to her MacBook to do the editing. She likes taking her pictures and adding effects to them, finding more creativity. One of her favorite apps, ColorSplash Studio, takes the color out of pictures, turning them into black and white, then allows her to add the color back in to only the areas she wants highlighted, such as flower.

Description: iOS photography app

iOS photography app

She’s just a budding teenage photographer. What about the professional photographers, those who have been doing it for much longer, and most likely have been doing all the other old-fashioned processes for years? Do they see the value in iOS photography or editing?

iPhoneography – the iPhone photography & videography blog

I started researching this question and found evidence that there are indeed many professional photographers using not just iOS and Mac editing of photos, but also using iPhones as their main camera of choice. iPhoneography is a blog dedicated to all photography taken with iPhones. From this particular entry, it shows that this photographer takes extensive photos with his iPhone and uses a multitude of apps to create the desired effects. PetaPixel has a blog entry detailing the first wedding that was shot entirely with an iPhone. Both the pictures and video were all done with the iPhone 4. That’s certainly a feather in the cap for iOS.

Description: iPhoneography – the iPhone photography & videography blog

iPhoneography – the iPhone photography & videography blog

But even more than Apple’s iOS and Mac software, there’s something else at play that’s helping the photography world, and that’s Facebook. As great as the pictures are that are coming off of iPhones, everyone wants to share them. Emailing is great, but it doesn’t reach near the amount of people that social networking does. There are a handful of great social networking sites out there that share photos, including Twitter and Instagram, but the site of choice seems to be Facebook.

Sharing photos on Facebook has become so much a part of people’s lifestyle that my daughter no longer sees the need to take pictures, unless she can upload them to her Facebook page. Photos are for sharing, and there’s no better way to do that than with Facebook. My in-laws recently celebrated their fiftieth anniversary, and my brother-in-law put together a DVD of pictures of the family throughout the years. He had a great selection of pictures of his own side of the family, but where did he go to get the rest? Facebook. There are several pictures of my side of the family that he wouldn’t have had access to without Facebook.

Description: Sharing photos on Facebook has become so much a part of people’s lifestyle that my daughter no longer sees the need to take pictures, unless she can upload them to her Facebook page.

Sharing photos on Facebook has become so much a part of people’s lifestyle that my daughter no longer sees the need to take pictures, unless she can upload them to her Facebook page.

Pulling all of it together, my niece recently got married out of states. She had a professional photographer there as well as a budding photographer there as well as a budding photographer, someone trying to break out in the business. Both of these photographers used film to take their shots of the wedding. The budding photographer posted her shots to Facebook, while the pro posted them to a protected site. The bride in this case brough the shot of both photographers over to her Facebook so that all of her friends and family could see them.

I wanted to do something special for the wedding. I went to my niece’s Facebook page and found a great shot of the couple as they were being married on the porch of a rented house in New Orleans, Louisiana, and asked my daughter to do some of her editing magic on it. The results were fantastically beautiful. This is using a shot the budding photographer had taken. She, by the way, has just bought her own MacBook Pro to use for her photography and was asking my daughter what app she used on the photo as she wants to work it as well. My daughter used ColorSplash Studio to create it.

Description: ColorSplash Studio

ColorSplash Studio

The best part of photography using iOS and being shared with Facebook is that we know we aren’t done. Technology is on a rapidly changing course. Eight years ago I got my first digital camera and had a lot of fun sharing the pictures. I never would have guessed that I would have a cell phone that would take even better pictures and be able to add such fun and beautiful effects. I also wouldn’t have guessed I would have been sharing them so easily online with everyone I know and not just close family and friends. What will be doing with photography in eight more years?.

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