iOS 6 Beta Review (Part 1)

7/29/2012 11:27:37 AM

iOS 6 brings some new features such as Facebook integration, Safari improvement, call application..., but it eliminates Google Maps.

iOS 6 which doesn’t bring any big difference as iOS4 up to iOS 5 may be considered as a slight upgrade of Apple with some new features for iOS operating system. In fact, users don’t feel much different but according to Apple, they still carry out 200 changes on iOS6 compared to current iOS 5.

There are many new features and advantages that Apple promises to deliver to users in the latest iOS version such as Siri, maps, FaceTime, Mail or improvements on the interface. However, with Vietnamese users, if considering what iOS 6 is bringing, it is not really a necessary upgrade over the current iOS 5 while there are still some problems existing.

Nevertheless, till September this year, Apple will officially launch official iOS 6 and then, features on the new version may be completed and suitable with all users. To experience iOS 6 now, users need iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 4S or iPad 2012, iPad 2, iPod Touch Gen 4 registered UDID code with the developer of Apple to install Beta version and enable the device for normal use.

Useful changes

Deep Facebook integration

Description: Deep Facebook integration

Deep Facebook integration

Facebook integrated deeply into the system is the new feature and also brings many benefits to users of iOS new version. It carries much convenience to users when updating status and uploading images to Facebook becomes easier and faster. After setting up Facebook account in “Setting”, users just need to scroll Notification bar, click to “Tap to post” and then a Pop-up emerges for you to post content and share on your personal page.

In the past, to upload photos to your personal wall, you need some applications from third party or Facebook Camera. Now with iOS 6, users can upload multiple files at once to an available album or create a new album. Deep Facebook integration allows Facebook contacts to connect to phonebook to help users manage friends’ information more simply. Profile picture on social networks also can be set as avatar of the phonebook. Deeper integration enables users to like applications, games in App Store or songs, videos in iTunes.

New features in Setting

Description: New features in Setting

New features in Setting

Setting is changed slightly in the interface by Apple. Bluetooth on/off button is brought to the outside. Meanwhile, “Location Service” has been eliminated and Apple adds another brand new part, “Privacy”. On iOS, Apple begins to control whether third-party application will access to location service, phonebook, personal calendar, reminder of images. This will help users protect their personal data better. In addition, since the first time using a new application, iOS 6 will warn and ask users if they allow this application to access their personal data or not.

A new feature appearing in Setting is “Not bother”. This mode enables the machine to be completely off all notifications from mobile phone, messages and third-party applications. Users can set timeframe for this mode to be activated automatically, for example, when users are sleeping from 12 pm to 6 am every day.

“Not bother” mode is quite smart when users can turn off this mode for important contacts. Also, when receiving two calls in the same row from a contact in 3 minutes, “Not bother” mode also can be automatically off for the contact trying to connect.

Phone application and FaceTime

Description: Phone application and FaceTime

Phone application and FaceTime

A more significant change on iOS 6 is FaceTime. Not only do users use Wi-Fi connection, they can also take advantage of 3G data to chat with images. However, FaceTime via 3G is only activated in iPad 2012 and iPhone 4S. In old series such as iPhone 4 and iPad 2, FaceTime is only available on Wi-Fi. Testing via 3G on 4S and iPad 2012, FaceTime connects similarly to Wi-Fi, does not waste too much time and images are quite clear.

For iPhone, phone application has changed the phone keypad interface, switching from black to white tone. Polite reject call mode is added. When there is a phone call, users select to reject politely by text sms or temporarily refuse and the phone will report back later.

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