How To Add Attachments To Your Phone

11/24/2012 9:04:31 AM

Your phone can do so much more with the help of a few extra gadgets

Your Android phone is capable of a lot of things, and with technology being pushed to its limits, and new things being discovered every day, we're finding new uses for our phones all the time. Nowadays there's a big surge in wireless technology, and even more so with our phones. Wireless payments are starting to be introduced where we can now use our phones to pay for certain items, and cloud-storage apps are becoming frequently more common, and are making USB sticks a thing of the past. Your phone can't do everything, however, but with the help of a few extra pieces of kit, you can truly unlock everything your phone is capable of doing.

Although at first your device may have very limited ports to connect things to, these ports can be used to then connect a variety of other things that can add a new element to your phone. For example, with an HDMI adapter, you can use the micro USB port on your phone, and then connect a full HDMI cable to it to allow you to stream HD TV to your phone and back again. Accessories are commonly coming with extra bits to add further elements to your phone. For example, the new mPowa dongle is a payment system that can have cards swiped through it to turn your phone in to your very own business. On top of this, the dongle then sends an automated receipt to the person who paid for the item, as well as giving you a tax breakdown when you need it most.

There are simpler attachments that can be connected to your phone, however, and the purpose of this masterclass is to take a look at some of them. We'll first guide you through NFC Smart Tags, and how Sony's small tags can help you program simple tasks on your phone, without the need for time-consuming setups. You'll also discover how you can connect a USB stick to share files, as well as connecting a desktop mouse for more control of your phone. Finally, we'll guide you through connecting your device to a Bluetooth keyboard to make typing a lot easier, and then take a look at Mobostick, a USB stick that can stream your files from your phone to your TV, games console or printer.

Get the best connection

Use these apps to make connecting to your wireless accessories a straightforward process

Maximise your Wi-Fi output


Get the most out of your phone’s Wi-Fi using the WifiTap app. You’ll be able to modify settings to allow your wireless attachments to connect to your network easier, and also tweak your settings to make it a little bit faster.

Description: WifiTap

Boost your Bluetooth signal

Bluetooth Manager

This app will manage the ins and outs of your Bluetooth connection, and everything in between. Through the app you can determine the type of devices that you pair with, as well as helpful streamlining tips

Description: Bluetooth Manager

Check USB storage


It’s just a widget that can be added to your home screen, but MountUSB is a great way of being able to tell if your external USB device is connected. The widget will turn green when connected, and then grey when not.

Description: MountUSB

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