Sony Xperia S

10/3/2012 6:33:11 PM

The first smartphone with “Sony” without “Ericsson” has HD 4.3-inch/11cm screen, 12MP camera and NFC. Xperia S is a serious announcement, but will it be the new champion of Android?

Description: Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia S

The new high-level phone by Sony runs an obsolete OS, but Android 2.3 Ginger Bear looks quite rapid here. It won’t work smoothly as you wish, and some little lags interfere sometimes – especially when you are navigating web. We are ensured that the coming Ice cream Sandwich will make the users’ experiences will be much faster.

When the screen is turned off, Xperia S makes you think that it has no beveled surface. That is not true, but it only decreases a little bit value of a beautiful screen. 1280x720 is the standard resolution for big screen TV not long ago, and combined with 4.3-inch/11 cm screen and Sony image processing, you have a movie experience that other phone cannot provide.

This is a great smartphone – and looks nice – which can’t be denied. Not all in Stuff magazine would love the light transparent bar with the navigation button Android over it, but it comes down to the matter of interest. Based on dimensions, it delivers good feeling of holding, and the volume buttons are located somewhere in the middle which is totally smart. Only the plastic back side lid which sounds “click click” degrades its value.

With dual-core 1.5GHz, Xperia S is an extremely strong smart phone through heavy games as well as HD films and multi-tasking without wasting a sweat. Interesting, but short – charging the battery again every day is the vital thing with energy consuming, you are seeing 7 – 8 hours for each charging.

Sony led the competition with the 12.1MP camera. The image is absolutely bright and has natural colors, and the phone will move from the stand-by to the taking mode within 1.5 seconds. Video is brilliant, too, with the wonderful anti-shocking system. The Sweep Panorama mode works well, although 3D Paranamas looks a bit messy in our tests.

4 smart tags are ready for the supplied NFC with most Xperia S phones. Stick it to wherever you want and they will activate the suitable profile if you are still in their scope. What about one in the car to open Google Maps and connect to stereo Bluetooth, or one in the bed to activate the alert system?

Sharing experiences


The simplest way to watch movies on the TV is to connect it through an HDMI cable. However, the better is the wireless technology like Airplay: click on “Play On”, choose the symbols from a drop-down menu (all equipment that connects to the Internet by Samsung after 2011 can be compatible with each other) and in some seconds, the videos will be on the big screen.


The “Play on” symbol will send music to the connected hi-fi and AV, but more than that is registering a Music Unlimited subscription, which integrates on-demand transmission with iTunes Match’s skills. Any song added to the phone is available on other compatible devices at once. Even there is a Shazam function of adding any song that you can “take” into the library.


"Play On" also allows you to send and relocate the album on TV by touching your smartphone. Next to it is a "share" symbol which will upload your image to everywhere - you can set up Google+ to upload images when you take photos

Not Sony’s?

Don’t worry. The apps will work well on other DLNA-connected TVs and music players. If not, Android Market will have a lot of DLNA apps to help you with that. 

Why not abandon the digital camera?

Xperia S is close to the priority target of a phone camera, that is: defeat normal camera. We can deny the impression of the 12.1MP camera, especially in low light - but in the end, it impresses us only because it's on the phone. Similar photos taken from our favorite compact camera is clearly better. This is not critic - maybe it was the best camera we have ever seen - but clearly it's also not the holy chalice of phone camera 

The first hour with Sony Xperia S

First minute: Oh, nice. I was attracted as soon as I unpacked.

Minute 11: MS Exchange all my life was synchronized from MS Exchange

Minute 13: Clear coming calls. How interesting!

Minute 19: Oh, the camera is really quick,

Minute 23: PC software is installed directly on the phone

Minute 32: Synchronizing with Music Unlimited will take couple of hours

Minute 35: Allowing access to all functions

Minute 42: Dungeon Defenders seems to be brilliant

Minute 59: I was confused much between this and iPhone 4S

Xperia’s voice

Smart Wireless Headset Pro

Smart Wireless Headset Pro: this Bluetooth headphone with Xperia S and you can use it to make a call, play and control music. The screen also shows ID of callers and text message.

Smart Tags

Not all network operators provide wonderful Smart Tags for cellphones, but at least you can buy it separately with 4 of it in 1 bundle - one for each profile.


The touch screen not also controls Xperia S but also play as a role of a additional screen for everything, from tweet to Google Maps.

Music Unlimited

Like a combination between iTunes Match and Spotify, Music Unlimited subscription is compulsory to ones who own Xperia S, especially who has other Sony devices.

Description: Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia S


Ratings: 5 stars

Being smart, fashionable and nice-looking, this phone is a serious competitor of iPhone 4S


Screen: LCD 4.3-inch/11cm capacitive touchscreen, 1,280x720 pixels

Storage: 32GB

Processor: dual-core 1.5GHz

Battery: 7.5 hours of dialing

Connection: Wi-Fi (b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.1, micro-USB, HDMI, NFC

Camera: 12.1MP, front facing camera: 1.3MP

Video: 1080p at 30fps (back), 720p at 30fps (front)


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