Droid Support - Good Games Need More Than Graphics (Part 3)

10/17/2012 2:29:51 PM

Some of the Android games are fantastic, but the controls are almost always dreadful. Is there a decent gaming accessory that will help me enjoy my mobile gaming experience more?

A There is a solution for you and it costs less than $2. Sixaxis Controller is an app that will let you control your Android games using a DualShock 3 or Sixaxis gaming controller. You need to be prepared to spend some time setting it up and also checking to see if your device is compatible, because not all are. On top of this, you will also have to root your device and then go through a fairly lengthy setup process to make things work. After all of this, not all games are supported, but if your favourites are and you are feeling adventurous, it could be worth all of the effort to improve the experience. A simpler option would be the Gametel Bluetooth controller, which works on almost all Android smartphones and which should support a wider range of games. It is, of course, more expensive, but not unduly so, and this solution will let you enjoy your games in a much more interactive way wherever you are.

Description: Console gaming control is possible on Android

Console gaming control is possible on Android

There’s no place like home

I travel a lot for business, but need to keep synchronised with the office at home. What are the best travel apps out there?

The best app of all is the entire Android operating system which can be tweaked to work perfectly when travelling without any third-party apps installed. The time on your phone or tablet will automatically sync to the local time you are in and this ensures that you can deal with meetings etc at the right time. Even better, it is likely that you will still have to attend conference calls in your home time zone so simply head to the Settings option in the default calendar and choose General Settings. Now tick the box next to Use home time zone and all of your calendar alerts will sound at the exact time they should as if you were at home. It can be tricky to manage and you need to be careful that it does not interfere with sleep etc, but as an example of the clever functionality hidden away in Android, it shines.

Description: Travelling need not be difficult

Travelling need not be difficult

Quick and easy sharing

"I want to share my calendar with my wife, but only selectively. We don't want to clutter up each other’s schedules with irrelevant entries, but do have shared events that we both need to know about. Is there an app that will help and is it reliable enough to change the entries on both phones in real-time?"

A You don't need an app to do this at I all because the process is very easy to set up in Google Calendar. If you want to only share specific entries, the most efficient way would be to set up a separate calendar called 'Shared' and use this for entries that you want both yourself and your wife to populate. Go to Google Calendar on a desktop or laptop and head to the Settings section. Now click the Calendars tab and select the Shared calendar. At the top, tap the Share this Calendar option and then enter the email address of those you want to share this calendar with. Move over to the Permission settings and set the level you want them to have. In this case, it would make sense to choose Make changes to events so that you can both update the calendar when changes occur. In theory, both of you can now edit entries and view the full calendar on your Android smartphones, but you will need to remember to add entries in the correct calendar that you want your wife to view. It may take some time to get used to at first, but eventually it will prove to be an ideal solution for your sharing needs. Also, you could check out the Pure Calendar app on the Google Play store which handles this setup perfectly.

Description: Capture and create great photos anywhere

5 top tips for adding to your storage

 You can add more virtual space to your Android phone for free

1.    Google Drive

Google Drive offers 5GB of storage which is directly accessible from any Android device. The fact that it is developed by Google and that it can use Google Docs so seamlessly makes it the ideal addition to any Android smartphone.

2.    Dropbox

If you require an integrated experience with your tablet, home PC and every other device you use, Dropbox offers one of the most diverse cloud services in the world. It is incredibly quick, wonderfully simple to use and you also get a generous amount of free space. The fact that it is used by millions of people also makes it highly shareable.

3.    Carry your PC with you

Apps like PocketCloud, from Google Play, let you remotely access your home or office PC directly from your phone. Following a simple setup process, you can effectively have access to your entire PC content wherever you are.

4.    High performance gaming

Another way to save lots of memory is to use a service like OnLive which lets you stream arcade-quality games to your device. With no downloads, it’s a great solution.

5.    Full movies

Streaming movies will save huge amounts of storage and Crackle is an excellent tool for this task. You can watch hours and hours of movies and use no internal memory at all.


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