LG LM9600 47” Smart TV - A New Direction

11/9/2012 12:12:09 AM

Smart TVs are here to stay, even though they do seem a bit strange in the South African market, where very few homes have the level of internet connectivity and networking to take full advantage of the idea. And the technology is moving very quickly, zooming through generations faster than a greased pig.

Description: LG’s LM9600 47” Smart TV

LG’s LM9600 47” Smart TV

And with the new technology comes a number of new ideas in terms of functionality and design. LG’s LM9600 47” Smart TV, which also features their excellent Cinema 3D technology, is a good example of this. When you look at the unit, with its unusual stand and seriously skinny bezel, you can almost picture where the future of TV is going. The big, clear screen is surrounded by a bezel that is less than 10mm thick-which looks great. It would have looked better, though, if LG had stuck with their traditional matt black plastic look, rather than opting for a slightly anachronistic chrome finish. Additionally, the manufacturer - for some strange reason - decided to move away from the matt screen finish, and made this one shiny. I have always been a fan of those matt screens, found in LG TVs and monitors. I hope this is not a new direction...

Armed with Nano LED technology, the image is clear and bright, with good colour reproduction. There was a little ghosting happening from time to time, from different input sources, which is a little concerning. Then again, it might be the unit we reviewed - it would be something you should check for on a demo model.

The LM9600 features a host of inputs, including direct USB input and external HDD compatibility. These are great features, making viewing media from external sources a breeze. And with LG’s 2D to 3D technology, viewing family photos on this TV can be fun. Don’t expect miracles, but it does work.

Description: It’s not a bad TV, and when compared to similar units from other manufacturers, it stands up well.

It’s not a bad TV, and when compared to similar units from other manufacturers, it stands up well.

The TV, aside from its host of Smart TV applications and other bells and whistles, ships with passive 3D glasses and two remotes.

The first remote is a standard one, while the other is an improved, motion sensitive unit that is quite cool to use, when you get used to it.

On the whole, this is not a bad TV, but it certainly is not the best one we have seen from LG. With the exceptional quality that LG generally delivers, the LM9600’s few shortcomings become a bit more disappointing than they should be. And thanks to the Smart TV component’s higher price point, this is exacerbated even more.

It’s not a bad TV, and when compared to similar units from other manufacturers, it stands up well. But when compared to LG TVs available at a better price point, the extra expense seems unnecessary.

Description: LG’s LM9600 47” Smart TV


While it performs well enough, this isn't the best TV we have seen from LG

Tech Specs:

·         47 inch screen

·         Cinema 3D

·         Smart TV

·         Nano LED technology

·         2 remotes included


·         Excellent 3D

·         Good colour


·         Retro?

·         Not the finest LG TV









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