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Apple Numbers for iOS ($10)

It doesn't take much guessing to work out that this is a spreadsheet app, though a simple one by Excel standards. Apple has recently updated Numbers to make it more compatible with Microsoft's number cruncher, but it still doesn't support accounting or conditional formats, pivot tables, any of the database functions or any VBA macros. In short, if you have some simple spreadsheets or just want to input data for manipulation elsewhere at a later date, Numbers is fine.

Apple Numbers

Apple Keynote for iOS ($10)

If you read the Apple promotional material for this tool, it claims it's the “most powerful presentation app ever designed for a mobile device". It's nice, but it's essentially a tablet-based version of PowerPoint with lots of animation. If your day consists of convincing people with whizzy charts and animated sales projections, then this software might be perfect for you.

Keynote in iOS encourages a more visual approach to presentations.

Keynote in iOS encourages a more visual approach to presentations.

That completes the iWorks collection, but there are some other good iOS office tools that aren't branded by Apple itself.

Google Quickoffice Pro HD ($21 on iOS, $22 on Android)

Apple must be annoyed that one of the best office tools on the iPad is made by Google, and I'm somewhat surprised it hasn't just removed it from the store to prove that. It does more than the Apple iWork collection, and it can edit most Microsoft document formats and PDFs easily It doesn't handle some of the more complicated formatting problems, but neither does anything else for the iPad, until Microsoft pulls its finger out.

QuickOffice Pro HD

For viewing and minor editing jobs, this is your best option for the iPad or iPhone, and it's cheaper than all the iWork apps combined.

It's also on Android, though for some odd reason it's costs more on that platform. However, you can get the non-HD version (Office & PDF) for $16, which does plenty and almost everything most people would need.

Photo Manipulation

Tablets in particular are very useful for reviewing and retouching photos, especially those with very high resolution displays. While most of the tools are just for tinkering, being able to take an image and add text or crop it without returning to a desktop computer might save you lots of time.

Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android and iOS ($10)

On the Google Play store you'll also find Adobe Photoshop Express for free, but ignore that because it does very little indeed. Touch is much better and allows you some real modification of images. Don't expect the full PC Photoshop experience, but it does allow you to make all manner of adjustments to both composition and color and then share the results. It's identical on both major platforms, and that includes the price.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Filterstorm for iOS ($3.7)

Initially this does seem a simple tool, but Filterstorm does allow you to make some very subtle changes to almost every aspect of an image, especially in respect of the colour, saturation and luminescence. Until Adobe brings Lightroom to the iPad, this is probably the best software to do those jobs that tool was designed for, and it even allows the importing of RAW image file formats.

Filterstorm for iOS

What's very impressive is that you can apply a whole series of changes, and then save those actions to repeat on a different image.

Snapseed for Android (free)

Having used this tool, I'm amazed it's free, because it's better than almost anything else you can get on a tablet computer for photo editing. What's great about it is that you can use it on a very simple level, like hitting an option to 'auto correct' an image or do professional image tuning - all in the same package. The rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on the Google Play store tells you that this is worth a few seconds to install.

Remote Access

So far, I've talked about a tablet as a replacement for a PC, but what if you want to use the two in combination? There are a number of excellent apps that can make your PC available through your tablet, enabling you to access all its features and storage remotely

Access your compter from your iPad

Access your compter from your iPad

A tool I'd recommend is called Splashtop 2. It's free, and to use it, all you do is install it on the tablet and the associated tool on the PC, before using a generated code to connect the two. For those that find this very useful, there's a paid-for app called Splashtop Remote Desktop HD ($8.9 on Google Play), which promises to stream games and other live content from your PC to your tablet. This was originally developed for Apple iOS, but it is now available for Android too.

What's important to realize that if you want to do this is that if your PC (or Mac) desktop is 1080p resolution, then it will need to be scaled down on most tablets, losing some detail.

An excellent alternative is PocketCloud Remote Pro ($14), which allows remote control of a PC or Mac desktop from a phone or tablet, this time with enterprise security and RDP/VNC compatibility built in. It will work with Windows XP or better, Mac OS X 1.6 or 10.7, and even VMware View 4.5 or better. From the tablet end it only needs Android 2.1, so almost every Android device with access to the Play store can use it.

That Print Problem

One aspect of tablet computers that most people forget, because they don't use them for work, is printing. Or rather, how to achieve this task easily when the device isn't part of a PC network.

For Apple users the critical update was iOS 4.2, because this added a native printing solution to the operating system. This allows you to print from all manner of software, and useful document apps like Documents To Go. The caveat is that you need wireless enabled printer, one that supports Apple's AirPrint standard. On iOS there are also some third-party tools that help with this job, including PrintCentral, PrintBureau, and PaperChase Printing.

Like Apple, Android phones and tablets can print to wi-fi (or Bluetooth) enabled printers using the technologies that these use, like HP ePrint. But Google also enabled them to use another method called Cloud Print, which it provides as a free service. What this does is create a link between any PC running Chrome with an active Google account and the printers attached to it. The beauty of this solution is that you can use just about any printer, and it could be located on the other side of the world. The downside is that both the client and host hardware must be logged into the same Google account for it to work. While printing control could be better, it is far from impossible.

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