8 Photography Apps You Must Try Out! (Part 1)

8/10/2013 9:22:17 AM

No, this list doesn’t include Instagram or Flickr or Snapseed. Here are some other interesting apps you may have missed out on

Smartphones these days come with cameras which are capable of taking decent pictures for mobile sharing. But capturing photographs is just one half of the equation, the other being sharing it. You will rarely find anyone NOT sharing photographs on social media sites.

When we talk social media, some things are par for the course. You don’t just share images right from your phone’s image gallery. You marinate them in a lot of filters, cover them up inside funky frames, geotag them and so on, before hitting the share button.

Instagram is a big name in this field and is found on most of the smartphones around (sorry Windows and BlackBerry users). So in this month’s line up, we are going to look at photography apps which may not be as popular as Instagram, but are worth considering. Some apps in the listing leave Instagram way behind in terms of the sheer number of features they support – and we aren’t just talking more filters. Read on.

Flickr, Camera+, Snapseed and 500px are some of the biggies already covered in our Fast Track to Mobile Apps last month.

1.    PicsArt

PicsArt is a photography app for Android and iOS, which allows you to add effects to pictures, make a collage of your photographs, draw alongside on the pictures, and add effects to your native camera while taking a live photograph and so on. It allows you to import pictures from your Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Google, Dropbox accounts as well which is quite impressive. PicsArt allows you to connect your Twitter or Facebook account to it. Under effects, it not only allows you to add a variety of filters, but each filter comes with its set of adjustments which can be tweaked according to your liking. This gives you more control over the effects than say the Instagram filters. With options like adding masks, you can even select on which part of the photograph you may want to add an effect. The collage function is a fun way to group multiple photographs.



The social angle allows you to follow people on PicsArt and it has dedicated tabs for interesting photographs, recent photographs, trending tags, popular artists and so on.

If you are those discerning photography enthusiast who like to fine tune your photographs and feel limited with the stock filters on Instagram, this is the app you should download!

Platform: Android, iOS, Amazon.

2.    Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express

This app takes image-editing to a whole new level with over 600 effects, borders, overlays to play around with. Coming from Autodesk, the same company which makes 3D editing software Maya, you obviously will expect the best. Unlike PicsArt, Pixlr Express does not allow you to import pictures from other services but it allows you to share it directly to your social networks. Pixlr Express’ main focus is image editing and it does not have a social community as such to speak of. You are presented with countless adjustment features such as touch up, focal blurring, sharpening, etc. and there are plenty more. Under Affects you have filters categorized under sub heads, ditto for the other options such as Overlay, Borders and Text.

This app is also meant for those who love spending time, fine-tuning their photographs. Those with short attention span will find this app cumbersome.

Platform: Android, iOS

3.    Otaku Camera

Otaku Camera

Otaku Camera

Otaku is the Japanese word which describes people with obsessive interests generally around Japanese manga or anime, but can involve other kinds of nerds as well. So Otaku Camera is the one you should have on your phone if you are into comics or graphic novels. It is a very simple app which allows you to comicify your photographs with interesting frame designs which will make your photograph look like it are a panel from some Japanese comic. There is a list of frames which you can download for free, if you want more variety. In terms of tweaking, you can only adjust the brightness and the thickness of the lines on the sketch. You can either share it on Facebook or Twitter or just save it to your phone.

Platform: Android, iOS

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