Powered By Windows (Part 3) - Canon LV-8320 LCD Projector & ASUS N-series Mystic Edition

5/11/2012 5:55:39 PM

Cool As Ice

If you're an overclocker or a computer enthusiast, you would know the importance in investing in a good after-market CPU cooler to keep your processor at a lower temperature whether you're trying to beat the overclocking world record or fragging enemies in Battlefield 3. The CoolerMaster X6 supports a wide variety of socket types, including Intel's LGA2011 and LGA1155/1156 and AMD's AM3 and AM3+, it also features a honeycomb fin structure to maximize surface area for cooling. The angled base also acts as a means to increase airflow throughout the chassis. Adorned in a satin finish with crimson red blades, the X6 is not just a looker, it's also cool as ice.

CoolerMaster X6 CPU Cooler

Price: $70

Description: CoolerMaster X6 CPU Cooler


Balanced Sounds

Whilst Skullcandies and Beats headphones appear to be all the rage now amongst the younger crowd, there is still a crowd of music lovers who still enjoy listening to music with headphones that don't blast out artificially boosted bass and boring-sounding music. Catering to this group of people, Sony has recently launched a new line of Balanced Armature In Ear headphones, and in this particular case, the XBA 4 Quad Balanced Armature In Ear Headphones. Balanced Armature drivers are typically a quarter the size of a standard dynamic drivers typically used in similarly designed headphones. What this means is that makers can add more drivers into the earphones to create a truly dynamic audio experience without having to compromise on pricing and quality. The four BA drivers in the XBA 4 include the full range, tweeter, woofer and super woofer drivers, which appeals to music lovers seeking an intensely satisfying listening experience with both treble and bass reproduced in high fidelity.

Sony XBA 4 Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones

Price: $393

Description: Sony XBA 4 Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones


Portable Projections

Projectors are often tricky things to consider purchasing. Choosing that perfect projector has often been a conundrum as the big names cost and functionality collide. What Canon has put together with their new LV-8320 LCD projector however might just solve that conundrum. Featuring a 1280x800 WXGA resolution, the LV-8320 projector will have no problems ensuring the correct aspect ratio is followed with all modern laptops and won't require any resolution adjustments. Images are projected at 3000 lumens, resulting in bright and vivid images even in open rooms such as classrooms and places that lack controlled lighting. Not only that, the LV-8320 also has a long lifespan of 5000 hours for the light bulb and 5,500 hours for the air filter. It also has an Intelligent Lamp Dimming System that adjusts the lamp's output to suit the brightness of the room.

Canon LV-8320 LCD Projector

Price: $1,535

Description: Canon LV-8320 LCD Projector

Inspired By Music

ASUS has released several impressive-looking notebooks since they appointed Jay Chou as one of their honorary designers, and what better way to start off the New Year with more? The new ASUS N-series Jay Chou Mystic Edition N45SL features an exclusive new design incorporating clean lines and a refreshing white cover with dainty designs that are sure to make your laptop stand out from the crowd. Powered by Intel's Second Generation Core i5 2.3GHz processor and NVIDIA's GTX635 discrete graphics card, the 14 inch laptop is both a looker and a powerhouse at the same time. Not only does the graphics look great on this machine, it sounds great too, with the inclusion of ASUS' SonicMaster audio system, which was co-developed by ASUS' very own Golden Ear and Bang & Olufsen's ICEPower audio teams to ensure the best in audio quality. The ASUS N-series Mystic Edition laptops are now available in IT stores nationwide.

ASUS N-series Mystic Edition

Price: $949

Description: ASUS N-series Mystic Edition

Armaggeddon G7

Price: TBA


Gaming mouse are usually pricey peripherals that only the most hardcore of gamers would consider upgrading to. With Armaggeddon's new G7 mouse however, all that may change. The G7 has built-in memory that can be used to store macro settings and can be loaded onto other computers from the mouse itself. Seven programmable buttons make the G7 a great mouse to use in games where shortcut keys make or break games in your favour. You can also customize the G7's sensitivity up to 3,200 CPI for fast sweeping across maps if you're playing RTS games or lower them down all the way to 400 CPI if you're aiming for a steady shot in FPS games. The nylon cord and rubber grip also ensure that the cable doesn't get tangled and your grip on the mouse is always secure even in the most intense of gaming sessions.

Description: Armaggeddon G7

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