TV Became Smarter & Friendlier : Ubuntu TV, MySpace TV released

5/28/2012 5:25:27 PM

Smart TV – allowing you to access the Internet on TV – is more and more important with the tendency that manufacturers add a plenty of features into their TVs. In CES this year in Las Vegas, even companies who hadn’t often involved in TV production started to take actions. Here is the latest addition to the Smart TV.

Ubuntu TV

Description: Ubuntu TV

After the statement that it wanted the version of Linux open source operation system became the base of multi-screen, Ubuntu TV released at CES, showing that how Linux could be used to make TV smarter.

Though in the demo stage, Ubuntu revealed the design which proved the concept of running on Boxee Box media streamer. It also showed its ambition of integrating this operation system direct into the TV with the final version, put it in the centre of home entertainment system.

Currently, it was designed to work without Internet connectivity; besides, the final version would be able to access the online contents. In reality, it would be an extremely important part of the system, but at first Ubuntu wanted the public “paid less attention to the saved contents”. This meant all of the contents were taken from the online services and network as well as presented together with an easily using interface.

Besides, Ubuntu is on the way of adding more content services. At this moment, Ubuntu One store only offers music, but it is finding a way to expand it by bringing video into its platform. The one and only key to this is having the suitable hardware to play all types of video which customers will desire to use. To any TV with the installed operation system, hardware acceleration is the essential matter. Both ARM and x86 are well supported, but basing on the fact that Intel didn’t concentrate on TV, the system can run on the ARM CPU.

For an illustration, Ubuntu ran the speed of 60fps but had no degraded sings while playing Full HD 1080p video. Once again, everything can be totally changed before the final version but the interface was quite neat. Video were divided into many sections counting on the fact that whether they were bought, rented or recorded.

You can enjoy Live TV with a clever integrated manual. Support for a built-in PVR is available in advance; therefore, you can record through the user interface. TV instructions allow you to know what are available and built-in with any PVR utility installed into the TV.

Its source code has been released to the open source community and Ubuntu is on the way to discuss with the potential partners. There will be information at the end of this year along with the Ubuntu illustration on several different types of products.

MySpace TV released

Description: MySpace TV: Social Networking Jives with Television

Justin Timberlake – the one who acted in the film “Social network” in 2010 and currently is a shareholder of MySpace – was on stage in CES 2012 to inform that the website of this social network would re-define the way how we watched TV.

Between the exclusive corporation with Panasonic and Viera Connect platform, the social network giant would release MySpace TV. The services were totally designed to offer the exclusive channels, as well as other social network features.

“MySpace will let you enjoy the experience of where everybody can connect with what others are fond of along with connect with each others basing on the shared love”, Timberlake mentioned.

MySpace TV will supply an application to Panasonic customers which will allows them to watch every channel and use social network features as mentioning above. Furthermore, this service was introduced in accompany with music - MySpace has a library with more than 42 million songs and 100 thousands music video – however, news, sport coverage and reality shows will be definitely available.

Description: MySpace TV social viewing to launch on Panasonic Viera HDTVs

MySpace TV social viewing to launch on Panasonic Viera HDTVs

The content for MySpace TV will pass by many providers, including services on request and real time television programs. 

What makes MySpace TV extremely differentiated is the social network aspect. The users can share the contents, have a look of what is hot among friends recently as well as what a virtual programs with friends, comment about in real time. 

The online synchronization enables you to have a look at the content on tablets, smartphone or computers, or even send to your friends to join. This service is also potential for the “live transmitting” to anything you are watching; therefore, the action of switching from the tablet to TV just needs one press.

While it looks pretty smart, we are not completely sure that whether it is enough to change it destiny; everything depends on the available content. There are no further details about its publishing in England. 

Samsung brought web to any TV

Description: Samsung brought web to any TV

The latest home entertainment device of Samsung, InTouch, was absolutely designed in order to offer the Internet services available on the new premium HD TV into the older models. It is not as impressive from the appearance, including a sleek black unit by the side of the TV and a remote control which looks a little bit weird with a large panel with buttons. Nevertheless, its capability is so amazing.

InTouch is actually Android device, which runs the heavily skinned Android 2.3 version. There is no support for the application downloading but it has a wide range of installed applications.

Its main feature is Skype, with the 3MP webcam of the device supporting images for video chat and a two-way microphone for audio. It also offers access to YouTube video, though in the resolution of 720p. Having web browsers, it can enable you to browse images on the internal storage devices which connected with the USB ports or from online websites. We didn’t announce it now but it maybe includes several websites such as Flickr and Picasa.

The setting of this device is quite easy by using advanced-installed wireless 802.11n. The one and only cable, apart from the wire, is HDMI. The tiny keyboard of the remote control seems to be fine to type the URL address, but a long email can make us exhausted and tired.

InTouch was on sales in the USA in Mar at the price of $199, and will be available in England in the middle of this year.

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