Netflix Introduces Streaming Services In England

5/28/2012 5:17:41 PM
American film rental company, Netflix, stated that it would introduce streaming services at the price of £5.99 per month in England and IrelandNetflix, has only worked recently in the USA, from long time ago expanded their business far beyond lending DVD by mail and currently offers the video services basing on web which meets the requirements to many kinds of devices, including PlayStation 3 joystick of Sony. Regardless of plenty of predictions, this company had refused to confirm or deny whether it intended to expand to England or not – till this time.

Description: Irish film and TV fans in Ireland can now subscribe to Netflix

Irish film and TV fans in Ireland can now subscribe to Netflix

Netflix services in England are relevant with streaming subscription at $7.99 which it offers in the USA. With £5.99, customers in England and Ireland can watch movies and television programs from film producers including Lionsgate, MGM and Miramax, while rumors about the negotiations with ITV imply that there will be access to some local news.

Attempts of this company in winning the heart of English are not easy at all. Rivals belonged to Amazon, Lovefilm, having offered DVD lending services in England since 2002 as well as streaming services, introduced a plan of launching a new package to the public in order to response the threat from Netflix.

New service registration, whose name is Lovefilm Instant, will be at £4.99 per month for an unlimited streaming, much cheaper than 1£ Netflix services long time before. The customers who wanted to take advantage the abundant streaming content of Lovefilm for years had to choose the more expensive subscription which included DVD by post. However, £4.99 per month of Lovefilm Instant was listed as the ceiling price; therefore, its price can possibly increase in the near future.

Like streaming service of Lovefilm, Netflix will be available with PlayStation 3 joystick of Sony, which supplies more service choice for the PS3 owner.

Description: Netflix stepped foot in the UK Film

Netflix stepped foot in the UK Film

One reason that could make Lovefilm loose is its video quality. Netflix transmitted video in 1080p with quickly changeable quality depending on your Internet connection. It also offered 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus sound. Streaming service of Lovefilm is not as good Lovefilm, due to the reason that current services didn’t offer the basic definition quality.

The number of films offered is another different element in the battle, and services with the largest list can be the important point attracting a lot of subscribers. We’ll post the full review about Netflix within next month.

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