John G Moore’s Creative Outlet & Landscape Work (Part 1)

6/16/2012 2:46:28 PM

‘I’m told they have a cinematic quality, a majestxy and grandeur that draw the viewer into the scene’

‘Photography is important to me as my main creative outlet and landscape work was always my passion.’

Description: John G Moore

‘I’m John G Moore, and I can only interpret my subject matter in my own particular way,’ the Scottish photographer explains, ‘I like to follow my own path, and not wanting to sound selfish, I shoot for me.’

John has worked in the photographic industry as a freelance photographer for over 20 years, first holding the camera his eye as a professional in 1989. Before that he had a successful career in the music industry. John’s dramatic decision to alter his vocation came after he tragically lost his father in a road traffic accident. ‘My father’s mantra on life was to enjoy it as much as possible because you don’t get too long.’ John tells us, ‘Photography was my first love, so I decided to go for it.’

To kick-start his career, John took full advantage of the contacts he’d already made from his time spent working in the music industry. He picked up work doing CD covers, promo shots for bands, magazine features and tour brochures, and not long after he started, the charismatic photographer was well on his way to making a successful living from the medium. ‘The initial work I did led to fashion and portrait work offers in the USA and Japan,’ John says, ‘which then broadened out to include corporate and commercial work too.’

Description: Sunrise by John G Moore

Sunrise by John G Moore

John’s portrait work throughout his portfolio is renowned for its intimacy and strong connection to the subject. The photographer explains to us the key skills it entails to produce work at such a high level. ‘It takes not just a gifted creative to make great portrait photographs, but also someone of compassion, and someone who the subject can quickly put their trust in. Your subjects can tell a lot about you by your eyes in the first few seconds. If they trust you, there will be a communion, and one that results in powerful moving images that engage the viewer.’ Despite his incredible and extensive portrait portfolio John is best recognised in the industry for his stunning landscape work. ‘I am particularly known for my large vistas,’ he says. ‘I’m told they have a cinematic quality, a majesty and grandeur that draw the viewer into the scene.’

John’s love of the landscape genre has been a factor in his existence ever since he can remember. ‘Photography is important to me as my main creative outlet and landscape work was always my passion,’ he says. ‘My favourite uncle would take me on trips into the Highlands where I would hone my photographic skills. Without sounding too asocial, it’s nice to get away from everything every so often, get into the wilderness and clear the head. Of course, my camera always accompanied me.’

Description: spirit by john g moore

Spirit by John G Moore

John’s career as a photographer has taken him to some amazing locations across the globe including China, Japan and the USA. ‘I enjoy travelling, and it can be quite humorous on occasions.’ He recalls. ‘I remember shooting at the Great Wall of China way back in the late 1980s, and I had blonde hair at the time. I could not get peace to shoot for locals asking if they could be photographed with me. I had forgotten some of them hadn’t even seen a westerner, never mind a blonde headed one.’ Other locations John has particularly enjoyed visiting in his career are Trotternish in Skye, and Sierra Nevada in California. The latter is where the photographer shot his first book Spirit, which is a published collection of unique landscape images. John tells us it has been one of the biggest highlights of his career to date, and the most rewarding aspect of the project for him is the money it has raised, and is still is raising, for charity. There is also a revised eBook version of Spirit that was recently released and is compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android.

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