John G Moore’s Creative Outlet & Landscape Work (Part 2)

6/16/2012 2:47:21 PM

 ‘I like to break the rules to achieve something different. If we all followed the manual we’d produce the same mundane shot.’

Description: Island Tree on Lochan na h-Achlaise

Island Tree on Lochan na h-Achlaise

When it comes to shooting techniques, John likes his images to incorporate a wide tonal range in the finish and have a unique style. ‘I’m a bit of a maverick when it comes to technical aspects,’ he says, ‘I like to break the rules to achieve something different. If we all followed the manual we’d produce the same mundane shot. I try and think differently as there is no point in being a derivative of someone else.’ One of John’s most notable and well-known images in his portfolio is Lochan Na H’Achlaise. John got up particularly early to take this shot and it’s poignant because the small tree on the islet was snapped in two in a storm last year so it will never look like that again. ‘It was a popular spot to shoot, but many people have kindly told me they think it’s their definitive interpretation of that location.’ John says. ‘This shot is featured in the Google 2011 Plus One Collection book, which will be released Spring 2012 to raise money for charity.’

Description: Western Highlands, Scotland - Lochan na h-Achlaise

Western Highlands, Scotland - Lochan na h-Achlaise

This noteworthy image however isn’t the photographer’s favourite and the one for him is the Last Snows Of Spring, made in 2008 for his book Spirit. ‘It was pelting down with snow when I reached the car park at the location, and you could only see five yards in front of you.’ He says. ‘Something in me told me to climb the hillside anyway. I’m glad I persevered because 15 minutes later the clouds broke and I captured what has now become one of my most iconic shots.’

Although John finds he doesn’t technically struggle when shooting landscapes there are couple of obstacles he has to get around. ‘Shooting outdoors brings a few challenges, changeable weather mainly,’ he explains. ‘But the main difficulty is to interpret the location with your own eye, even though it may have been photographed on numerous occasions previously.’ John encountered this problem whilst shooting his book Spirit. ‘Because of the location and subject matter, people naturally made comparisons with Ansel Adams’ work. I was genuinely humbled to be mentioned in the same breath as such exalted company, but the encouraging thing was that the comparisons were all extremely positive in that my imagery had its own unique signature.’

Description: Lochan na h-Achlaise

 Lochan na h-Achlaise

Not only is John a superb photographer, but the man is also is an inspiring and passionate teacher. He’s regularly hired for private tuition, and his training sessions cover a vast range of subject matter from photography shooting techniques, to colour management and Adobe Lightroom. ‘If you can afford it, pay it,’ he states. ‘I have a client who spent a day training with me, and he commented that he learned more in that day than he had in two years of reading books and watching video tutorials. Everyone agreed that his work improved greatly.’ The photographer is full of useful tips and knowledgable advice and his years of experience shine through when he is talking about the medium. He ends on a sound piece of advice for other photographers wanting to follow in his footsteps. ‘Once you have had professional help to master the basic, always, always, follow you own heart on how and why you shoot. Developing your own style is the most important factor in defining you work from others.’

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