CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra

6/23/2012 10:50:01 AM

CyberLink is arranging PowerDirector 10 Ultra video editor as another option that worth $ 100 for some popular consumer products in the market. We are willing to give up some features to save $ 500 (or more), but does PowerDirector 10 really belong to the premium consumer segment?

Description: CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra

Let's start with the interface. Knowing that many people know how to edit can be overwhelmed by the traditional Full Feature Editor overview of PowerDirector (clip bin, preview window and timeline track), CyberLink offers two alternatives through opt-out welcome screen. First is the Easy Editor, where you select the video clips, photos and background music; use the slider to set the priority (for example, stressed the image than video) to specify the target length of the video production; and take a rest while PowerDirector processing titles, transitions and render to the final file. Finally, Slideshow Creator is even easier to use, mainly because it only prepares the slideshow from your photo.

We know based speeding up on GPU is a big problem in the video editing. (The HD render takes too long when having no GPU-based acceleration that we are against any use not take advantage of GPU rendering, or at least the acceleration through the Intel Quick Sync). However, there are other elements of the adjustment process can be accelerated. Some export codes can be accelerated while others are not, and some video effects - or not - may use GPU acceleration during render process. PowerDirector 10 accelerated 48effects and had new support for acceleration via OpenCL beside Stream and previous CUDA support available in version 9. CyberLink insists that its OpenCL machine enables high performance to render the title, transition, and element (particle), and PiP objects. CyberLink also uses 64bit code.

Description:  CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra

Beside acceleration based on GPU directly, CyberLink has TrueVelocity 2 rendering engine, SVRT engine, which improve production performance H.264 and MPEG-2 high definition, time and quality, without reencoding the entire video. Moreover, SVRT will analyze your project and render only those parts should render. SVRT will also propose an optimal output profile and the time you will save if you select it. In summary, CyberLink promises that the improvement of TrueVelocity 2 will bring 38% mprovement compared with PowerDirector 9 when encoding to 1080p H.264 (13Mbps).

The biggest change in version 10 includes 3D end-to-end project workflows, it means PowerDirector 10 Ultra support 3D throughout the media input, edit and produce period. Like some competitors, PowerDirector 10 acceptes 3D formats from different stereoscopic camera, with effects and 3D transitions, and provides a simple but effective 3D program. CyberLink supports ready output for 3D, including Blu-ray and YouTube.

If you are not a fan of 3D, there are many things to like in PowerDirector Ultra 10. One of our favorite improvements is the Drawing tool, which allows you to make a markup image like white board while reading comments. Just save the recording as a clip and drop it into your project. (Tip: if you use this tool a lot, invest a Wacom draw tablet. Using mouse will make you crazy). Single-click audio standardization for many audio tracks saves a lot of time, and time-lapse tool is interesting though it is not something you use every day. Perhaps the best tool for you is Beat Marker, which did good jod in the background notes and helps you synchronize the transition with them.

PowerDirector 10 provides more output options. While nearly every modern editor integrates an YouTube upload process, PowerDirector 10 also has export to Facebook, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

There are many exciting things waiting for you outside the main program. CyberLink DirectorZone offers thousands of free effects, menus, titles, the element object, and many things that you can download for your work. However, not surprisingly, PowerDirector 10 supports plug-in for third-party effects, with 10 available effects from NewBlueFX suppliers. If everything sounds too much, do not worry. CyberLink has nearly 100 instruction videos for PowerDirector on DirectorZone website, most of them are friendly to beginners.

With $ 100, PowerDirector 10 Ultra is extremely valuable and is one of the best current consumption editors.

Description: CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra

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