Where Is My Hard Drive Capacity? (Part 2) - Beat the browser

6/20/2012 6:00:53 PM

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iTunes is not alone. Many other programs will grow file on your root drive even though the core program code has been installed somewhere else. The first place to look up is Downloads folder, where many programs can download installers and zip files which are not removed appropriately. On your original drive, it is Users/username/Downloads. You can also type in "Downloads" in Start search bar to make it appear.

Description: Where Is My Hard Drive Capacity? (Part 2)

A folder which can gather missing files is My Pictures folder, also located in Users folder. Unless you direct Windows to a different folder, files can be imported here by default. Connect a device with the PC. When Autoplay window is open, use "Import pictures and video using Windows". It will start the importing process, but immediately click Import Settings text link in the next window. It will open a window that allows you to change the default destination for media imported to other destinations such as drives and secondary directories. Use Settings to separately change settings for CD / DVD, camera, video and scanner. This is a great way to prevent accidental accumulation of media files on the root drive.

Beat the browser

The browser is downloading a bunch of installers, zip files, and other documents for you from the web. Download folders can be gathered gradually. Whether you install the browser on SSD for faster performance, you can instruct the browser to download files to another drive. With large browsers, this is a basic guide.

In Chrome, use the wrench and go to Options/Under the Hood. Downloads section allows you to redirect the destination. In the address bar, go to chrome://downloads to see downloaded files recently and use "Open downloads folder" text link to open and manage these files. In Firefox, use Options under the Tools menu, and you can set the destination on General tab. In Internet Explorer, use Ctrl+J to open View Downloads. Use Options link at the left bottom to change the default download location from drive C:.

If you use BitTorrent, then you can be tied to a strict storage space. In the program, use Preferences icon and go to Directories area. You have the option in this program to download files to a folder and then automatically move them to another directory when the download is finished. If you are using BitTorrent on drive C: of SSD, this setting enables you to manage the change of completed downloads.

Registry advice of the month

Are third- party programs being loaded into the system when Windows starts? There are several routes to understand it and recognize programs you may want to disable or uninstall. One route is through the Registry. Open Regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft|Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and then HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. There are two areas to identify which programs are loaded at boot time. Value Data column identifies the path to the loaded program. Once you use Registry tab to identify programs, the approval to uninstall or disable its loading at the startup is the safest way.

Windows advice of the month

Being gradual and quiet over years, Microsoft has announced the roadmap for diagnosis and repair online through a cartoon staff based on web, called Microsoft Fix It. In many cases, when you query on with PC problems, references will provide the solution you can do or offer to automatically solve through these troubleshooting programs which can be downloaded.

You can find all great tools in Fix It Solution Center has a range of automation solutions organized into categories to fix every trouble from Xbox to IE, common Windows issues to media playback. Fix it tools which can be downloaded usually open a dialog box to ask users it they want to allow the application to solve the problem or ask their permission. Microsoft will also help you create a mobile version of the tool which can be downloaded and installed on a USB drive or CD to use on other computers that may be stuck in connection problem. In any description of solution, find the option "Advanced-Download" below big Run Now button in the right corner of the screen.

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