Samsung MV800

6/19/2012 4:00:48 PM

Samsung’s camera designers are not afraid to renew. Their latest product is a fashionable metal fold lid camera with 1800 rotating screen to shoot portrait. The articulated screen is not new, but the way it opens as a book is of course eye-catching. Since it has the articulated screen at the top, it is also a base, so it allows the camera to be put on the table or other surface and tilt at an angle. The articulated screen also helps you easily take picture from the height at your waist, or above your head if you reverse the camera.

Description: Samsung MV800

Open straight the screen to take portrait will hide the shutter button, but Samsung adds some another one on the camera’s back. It is natural development of Samsung’s 2-View cameras with their front and back screens, but MV800’s rotating screen works better since it provides larger screen to take portrait.

Touchscreen controls look like a smartphone than a camera. The physical Home button reveals 5 pages of icons presenting shooting modes in app styles. There are many interesting features including artistic filters, such as Soft Focus, Old Film and Cartoon, and picture frames containing a magazine cover page, TV and moon. Funny Face mode uses face detection and digital twist to distort face, which gives them bigger nose or strange eyes, and even allows you to rearrange manually features on the touchscreen. All these things happen in the live preview. What a pity that you cannot shoot a Funny Face video. Additionally, there are a basic picture editor app to crop, adjust colors, and apply creative filters, and a collage creation app.

MV800 has smart Auto and Program modes to have a more familiar shooting experience. Here, MV800 is not very impressive. It performance is quite normal with 2.2 seconds between picture shots, and 9 seconds with flash at full power. Settings access slowly via the touchscreen interface, and the 0.6fps continuous mode is not worth concerning.

Description: Samsung MV800 - 1800 rotating screen

Samsung MV800 - 1800 rotating screen

Create a little noise

Whether iamge quality gets the standard or not depends on your expectation. The 16MB resolution is over-large for compact camera, thorough camera test reveals blurry structures, and light focus on the cornor as well as color aberration lead to high contrast lines. These things are not very worth concerning when a camera was resized so as to be suitable for a computer screen. Pictures taken at weak brightness without flash appears to be grainy and blurry under a throrough view, but good enough for Facebook-size pictures.

However, home video is more blamable with blurry details and fizz in darkness. Outdoor clip is much better, and optixal zoom works smoothly and quietly. However, 720p resolution is disspointing – we expect 1080p resolution at this price.

Video and image quality is far worse than standard set up by our favorite compact camera, Canon Ixus 230 HS. However, for those who just post pictures to Facebook – and those who take plenty of portraits – MV800’s rotating screen and interesting shooting modes can be interesting. Image quality is just rather better than a good smartphone, but its 5x zoom lens gives itself obvious advantage compared to any phone-based camera. The only things pulling it back is its price. If the price reduces to about $225, we will be happy to introduce it.


Description: Smart design and interesting shooting modes make MV800 attractive

Smart design and interesting shooting modes make MV800 attractive

Verdict. Video and image quality have nothing special, but smart design and interesting shooting modes make MV800 attractive with those who are addicted to social media.

Compact digital cemera. 16MP (4608 x 3456), 5x optical zoom (26 to 130 mm), 3-inch LCD (288,000 pixel), Micro SDHC slot (10MB, internal), Lithium-ion battery, 92 x 56.2 x 18.3 mm, 140g, one-year RTB warranty


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