Refrigerator Is Calling (Part 2)

6/19/2012 4:07:46 PM

Networking people

Ultimately, most discussions about the connectivity on sensors aim at turning the human body into networked devices. Microchip and RFID tags implanted under the skin have been hope, anxiety and even legal restrictions over the past decade. However, companies like PositiveID continue to promote the idea of ​​the human tracking system by testing products as GlucoChip, which can give diabetics the convenient blood sugar monitoring and real time.

Description: Networking people

"I think the next frontier is embedded", Thom Kennon, the strategic director of Y & R consulting for major consumer brands on how to enhance user experiences, said. "The circuit and receiver miniature has the greatest opportunity in our body." While concerns about privacy and infringement are still there, Kennon considers health care as the gateway which is clearest and the most convenient way for embedded sensors because the % is increasing and enhancing the quality of life. "But I also see a near future where would be appropriate to start embedding chips for all practical utilities outside." Personal identification devices can be used not only to have better health care but also to safely access to locations, even display preferences for shops and service providers.

Who provides conduits?

Description: IPv6 IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4)

IPv6 IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4)

However, even though it is movie posters, car panels or networked people, all billions of new devices and sensors need are a way to plug into the network. A development of the Internet, a move to IPv6 protocol, will be very important. Internet of Things needs more IP addresses than what current IPv4 version can handle. IPv4 will provide billions of new IP addresses required for a physical connected world. However, the more important is who will supply these connections between projects and business motivation to build them. "It is not just about making everything that is connected," Morgan said. "You need an infrastructure to glue them up." He said the government is clearly leading in the implementation of initial investments. Everything from the public facilities to parking meters can be automated to illustrate their effectiveness now. "The combination of public services may be the test environment and is developed with money of the government, and then it is expanded into the private sector," he said.

Description: AT & T and Verizon

Wireless companies like AT & T and Verizon have been and are hoping that devices and sensor networks will use mobile data. AT & T stated publicly that they had seen the bright future in the sale of package to connect everything from the string for the dog to the medicine bottle. This wireless supplier admitted that they were sending web data to communication devices in cars and sending you text alerts when your dog left the yard or a prescription needed purchasing.

According to experts, considering many aspects, the technology behind Internet of Things was available. RFID, M2M software, cheap sensors, networks everywhere and cloud computing are getting ready to create a useful flow of data from almost anything, anytime, anywhere. Nevertheless, turning that vision into reality involves making a firm business case. According to Morgan, with equipment manufacturers, you need to show that adding networking feature for the refrigerator or thermostat will make money for the company and differentiate it in the market. With a networking person of Kennon, "what needs to happen is a using case which is proven - some original brands and the consumer crowd and that is: ‘intelligent human', is embedded and open wireless through many ways which were unimaginable a few years ago. "

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