Ultrasone 650 Pro headphone review

7/14/2012 9:17:15 AM

Ultrasone 650 Pro headphone offers 2 separate detachable cables and a pair of ear pads for more cable option changes. Pro 650 produces 3-dimentional, open, balanced and crystal clear sound.

Description: Reference price: $320, equivalent to VND 6.7 million

Reference price: $320

This Pro headphone model of Ultrasone coming from Germany definitely wins the audience’s hearts thanks to Safer Hearing policy, applies 2 safe listening technologies: Ultra Low Emission (this "ULE shield" can reduce the radiation which harms our ears by up to 98%) and S.Logic Natural Surround sound (which is able to reduce the sound pressure levels by up to 40%). Please pay attention that, S-Logic technology doesn’t mean the surround effect in 5.1 movie watching, it still provides the original stereo sound and creates the 3-dimentional sound stage as well as reduce the sound pressure levels due to Ultrasone’s putting it in off-center ear-cups, not perpendicular with the external ear canal. Therefore, the sound goes into the ear canal 50% as well as the ear helix 50% and then the sound pressure on ear reduces by up to 40%. Besides, the S-Logic design offers 3-dimentional image sound and natural sound.

The above mentioned technologies were only for Pro series of Ultrasone to protect ears of recording experts, singers or musicians who spend plenty of hours every day with headphone; but in recent 5 years, all headphones of this company are integrated with these technologies.

A set of Ultrasone Professional 650 which is on sale in Vietnam market includes 2 cables, one is in a spring shape and one is the normal flexible cable. They are 3 meter length, detachable and you can plug them in the headphone whenever you like. Pro 650 is equipped with gilded 6.3 mm jacks along with a gilded 6.3/3.5 mm converter. Besides, it also has a pair of spare ear-pad; a demo CD; a manual.

Description: The rear of the headphone is made by stainless and non-magnetic steel

The rear of the headphone is made by stainless and non-magnetic steel

Give it a go with Ultrasone 650 Pro and Stride headphone amplifier of Furutech by playing famous music video clip on YouTube. WithMoney, Money, Money” of ABBA, the music harmonies accurately, perfectly with the singers’ voice and music instrument’s tone. In comparison with Shellac Disc played by Pioneer XL-1551 disc player, Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum integrated amplifier and a set of Pro 650 headphone, they are absolutely similar; however, sound created from the Shellac disc are a little bit more alluring due to its pure analogue.

Let’s continue our journey into the classical music world, firstly with Helmut Walcha, a significant world statue of Organ and Clavecin of the 20th century owing to his spectacular Bach music performances. With “Art Of Fugue BWV 1080” of Bach, “Contrapunctus 14” is performed on church organs, organ tone is partly lower than contrabass, higher than the vast majority of high-toned music instrument such as piccolo flutes. In the song “Fantasia in G major BWV 572” of Bach, the treble tones are so sharp and detailed, soft and gentle bass with the highlight of resounding, fantastic and deep harmonization.

Move to the video clip in which Helene Grimaud plays “Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No2 in C minor op.18” of with the orchestra conducted by Claudio Abbado. The beginning music of the 1st chapter is slightly ponderous, solid but vast and spacious. String instruments from violin, viola to cello and contrabass groups play so amazing. A solo clarinet performance and other flutes and drums play so fantastic and aren’t sunk within the orchestra performances...

Description: A set of Ultrasone Professional 650 includes 2 detachable cables

A set of Ultrasone Professional 650 includes 2 detachable cables

When hearing video clips with headphone directly from Dell Vostro 1310 laptop, not through headphone amplifier, the sound is as impressive as our expectation; however, it is totally acceptable. The created sound is so rustic, natural in lower definition. Nevertheless, if we continue to give it a go with MP3 files in the computer and in CD, level of impression increases tremendously in succession for each format.

In testing with CD Glen Campbell – “The Very Best Of Glen Campbell”, performance of 650 Pro together with laptop Dell Vostro 1310 bears a big resemblance with Ultrasone Zino headphone, Stride headphone amplifier and Dell Vostro 1310. Switch into CD Thanh Lam Acoustic, the most significant point is the singer’s voice whereas performance of percussion and other instruments such as guitar lead and bass, violin, piano… are so great.

With CD “Rest Your Mind To The Music” of Maersk Line (produced in the Netherlands in 1996); hi-end music quality is proved obviously. The song “Morning Mood” of Edvard Grieg which is performed by Berliner Philharmoniker affirms the fact about its quality again. Change into the song “What A Wonderful World”, it plays such great with the world number 1 trumpet player Louis Amstrong as a singer with his special husky voice. Switch to “That’s Why”, rock music is played by the 650 Pro just like in the studio, so wonderful… Through 15 tracks of the album, plenty of song in many genre of music in 1990’s is performed pleasantly thanks to the great performance quality of the “solution”.

Description: Ultrasone 650 Pro headphone

Ultrasone 650 Pro headphone

Another test with a set of 650 Pro headphone carries on with Denon DCD 3300 CD player, together with Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum amplifier, DCD 3300 and Technics SU-V100D transistor amplifier. In the option of listening directly with CD player, sound quality is in the same level with that on Dell Vostro 1310 laptop playing CD through headphone amplifier and it means that it is one level greater than listening to a CD directly on a laptop.

In accompany with Technics SU-V100D transistor amplifier, the quality performance is increased another level greater, mainly thanks to the more ponderous, vast and lifelike tone with much higher definition. With Magnum tube amplifier, the ponderous sound is added with delicacy; therefore, we can draw a conclusion that using Pro 650 headphone with dedicated CD player and tube amplifier is the best option. Sound performance is the same in comparison with pricey box speakers or pole speakers (approximately thousands of USD) which is added with far more expensive set.

Description: Ultrasone 650 Pro headphone

Ultrasone 650 Pro headphone

Technical specifications

Natural surround S-Logic technology

Frequency range: 10Hz – 25.000Hz

Impedance: 75 Ohm

Sound pressure level: 95 dB

Metal shield (ULE technology)

Headphone cups: 40mm, gilded and radiation resistant

Weight: 295g (exclude cables)

General judgment


Durable quality

High sound definition


Have to use in air-conditioned rooms because it is a full-sized headphone.

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