Google's Chromebox

8/30/2012 3:26:29 AM

If there is a list of the products that take one step ahead, it is certain that computers using Chrome OS will be in that list.

From Chromebook to Chromebox, these Chrome OS devices are too new for users to use when they have to change all the daily habits, from using a strong OS with central role of computer to using a light OS in which a computer plays a tiny role. Through that approach, Chromebook and Chromebox hardly find their way to the market. At the moment, they are being sold at $300 in US market.

Description: Google’s Chromebox

Google’s Chromebox

So, what is this $300 product bringing to you? A computer is produced by Samsung which has identical design to Mac Mini of Apple but the configuration is lower and input materials are cut down on to keep the price cheaper. Chromebox uses Intel Core i5 (Google did not provide with code name), 4GB RAM and 16GB flash storage enough to contain OS and some expansion add-ons. In fact, when unzipping file to install in USB, OS 20 beta which accounts for 1GB space so 16GB capacity is not so narrow for an OS which mainly stores the data on the Internet.

Description: Chrome OS has the similar interface to Chrome browser

Chrome OS has the similar interface to Chrome browser

With such light OS and configuration, it is not surprising when Chromebox performs smoothly. In fact, Chrome OS has the similar interface to Chrome browser on your computer with some additional functions such as displaying installed programs or some taskbars at the bottom of the screen. The strange thing is that Google does not allow user to uninstall an account, you just can update or create a new account. In case you want to uninstall, you are supposed to install the whole OS and the installation processes are not simple for newbies.

In general, if you are ready to change your habit, desire a light OS and you own a good Internet connection, Chrome should be a choice. However, in Vietnam, we may not need this product because there are heaps of other alternatives. Maybe, Chrome box is just an experience of Google to reinforce their Chrome OS. It hardly fits the end customers.  

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