The Best Overlocked PCs On The Market (Part 1)

6/15/2013 3:22:58 PM

We take a look at the best pre-overclocked PC systems on the market today

As we have already established, overclocking is a great way of getting a large boost in productivity with minimal additional expenditure. If, however, you're a novice or simply don't fancy the risks associated with overclocking, why not get the experts to deliver a suitable solution for you? We've uncovered the latest overclocked system deals available from the UK's best manufacturers. You can be sure any of these machines we've chosen would be an excellent gaming workhorse.

Vibox Reactor X

Price: $1,052

Vibox Reactor X

Vibox is a Manchester-based system integrator, specializing in custom-built performance systems. The Vibox Reactor X caught our eye with its bold blue LED adorned livery and well-balanced specification. The CPU is the near ubiquitous Core i5 3570K overclocked to 4.4GHz. This has a high-quality Cooler Master Elite 430 case keeping everything cool and the high clock speed is facilitated by an MSI motherboard. The system features a whopping 16GB of RAM, as well as a generous storage allocation of 2TB. There's also a 24x DVD writer and a 450W PSU. Windows 8 is preinstalled, so you have everything you need out of the box. The Radeon 6670 video card is an older card than is offered by some competing firms, but it's certainly powerful enough for casual gamers, and can easily be upgraded in the future as funds allow.

DinoPC Tyrannosaur

Price: $1,960

DinoPC Tyrannosaur

If you are looking for something with sharper teeth, DinoPC's aptly named Tyrannosaur should fit the bill. This fearsome system comes with the same Core i5 3570K as the Vibox, this time clocked at 4.3GHz. This is helped along by a corsair water cooler and an Asus P8Z77-V motherboard. There is a Corsair 120GB solid state drive along with 2TB of conventional storage for your games and a handsome Corsair 400R case. The power supply and 8GB of memory are also provided by Corsair. The system really comes to life thanks to its multimedia credentials. A GTX 670 2GB video card is an immensely powerful gaming power house, while a dedicated Asus Xonar DG sound card will keep audiophiles equally happy. At $1960 inc VAT the system is a pricey proposition, but the deal is more than fair considering the machine's fine balance and quality.

Computer Planet ND4000

Price: $1,491

If you're looking to keep your budget under the $1,517 mark, then Computer Planet has a great solution in the form of its ND4000. This system features a Core i7 processor running at a frame-rate-busting 4.6GHz. This is facilitated by a Gigabyte Z77 motherboard, Corsair Carbide 200R case and Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 CPU cooler. Storage at 1TB is fairly modest, but the 16GB memory allocation is far more generous. A high-quality 700W Cooler Master PSU keeps upgrade potential high, although you shouldn't need it for some time with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB video card under the bonnet. As part of the $1,491 price, you get a one-year warranty (three years labor) to boot.

Fierce PC Prodigy GT

Price: $1,545

Lancashire-based Fierce PC isn't shy when it comes to offering very small yet very fast PCs. We reviewed the Prodigy GT mini gaming PC recently and were impressed enough with this sub-$1,600 pocket rocket to give it our editor's choice award. Running at 4.2GHz, the system features a quad-core i5 3570K processor, which provides gaming grunt that belies its diminutive size. There's a 240GB OCZ solid-state drive to keep the operating system ticking along at full speed, as well as a 1TB hard drive for your files and downloads. Impressively for such a compact box, cooling is provided by a water cooler, and the manufacturer has shoehorned in one of Nvidia's most powerful video cards, the GeForce GTX 670 2GB. All of this is rounded off by 8GB of high-quality branded memory, a Gigabyte Z77 mini-ITX motherboard and a 22x DVD-RW. That's a lot of PC for $1,545 - all crammed into a box you can fit into a rucksack.

Utopia Computers Ballista

Price: $1,295

Utopia Computers Ballista

Utopia Computers has recently revamped its system selection. Rather than offer suggested specifications that customers then tweak to their liking, Utopia instead has opted for a fully bespoke PC building system, allowing you to choose exactly what you want in each and every category, from the case and power supply to the GPU and a custom paint job. A wide selection of components is available in each category, but you don't need to worry about going wrong, as the system helpfully lets you know when you choose an incompatible part. Of the options available, our favorite has to be the Ballista, based around Silverstone's unique Fortress FT03 case. This is a unique pedestal-shaped case that exhausts heat from floor to ceiling rather than the conventional front to back. This necessitates a 90° flipped layout and gifts the case a very small footprint of less than a foot square. You can configure an overclocked Z77-based version for just under $1,313.

Aria Gladiator Desolator

Price: $1,390

Aria is no stranger to the pages of Micro Mart, being one of the firms that have been around almost as long as we have. The Desolator has a powerful specification, consisting of the Intel Core i5 3570K overclocked to 4.4GHz, a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H motherboard, 8GB of Corsair memory and a GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphics card. Storage has also been given special treatment with a Samsung 840 series SSD, a 1TB Seagate hard disk and a Pioneer DVD-RW drive. Housing is provided by Cooler Master in the shape of the K280 midi case and cooling is from Corsair. An H60 water cooler keeps things cooler than a conventional heat sink and fan, while a 750W PSU means you have plenty of space for upgrades in the future. A powerful specification for a great price - just leave enough in the budget to buy an operating system!

Chillblast W3000 Touch PC

Price: $1,620

The W3000 from Chillblast is a complete PC package containing everything you need to get the best out of Windows 8. An overclocked Core i5 processor running at 4.2GHz provides plenty of CPU grunt, while 16GB of memory, a 1TB Seagate 7200rpm hard disk and Radeon 7850 1GB video card make the system a mean gamer as well. What really sets this system apart, however, are the peripherals. The 24" liyama monitor is 10-point multi-touch compatible and the system comes with a keyboard and mouse as well. Multimedia is taken care of by a Blu-ray player, and you get a full copy of Windows 8 as part of the deal.

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