All the stuff you didn't know (Part 3)

5/5/2012 9:14:43 AM

ICDNT - Six Categories Are Plenty

I've created a new category to go along with the efficient six you've already put together: ICBL, 'I Can't Be Luis'. I've come to the conclusion that Deep Blue became self aware after playing chess with Kasparov in the mid nineties and developed a human iteration of itself to better blend with we minions. Then, it folded the space-time continuum to go back far enough into the past to create a relevant human history to avoid suspicion. And that would be you; there really is no other explanation. I manage the IT section of a language school and we have two laptops that are for 'sign-out' usage. I Deep Freeze these (along with my lab computers) as they would quickly turn into muck if I didn't. As they only connect wirelessly - being mobile -I can't work a solution to wake-on-LAN with VLAN/infrastructure issues at my institution, but I also can't remote in from the logon screen of the machines as the wireless connection only activates once a user has logged onto an account. I'd like to be able to manage them remotely by just having somebody turn them on, but I need some sort of fix that activates the wireless connection at the logon screen and my search has come up with zilch so far. Do you know of any controllers that would be able to solve this problem?

Executive summary: Don't bother. Wake on LAN (WoL) works by sending specially formatted network packets (called magic packets) to a snoozing computer.

Description: Wake on LAN (WoL)  Settings

The computer can be almost completely powered down, with just a tiny bit of power to the motherboard and network interface card, and it will still spot the magic packet and wake up. Wake on wireless LAN (WoWLAN) is different. Because the magic packets are sent over the network, they are encrypted by whatever wireless security you are running. Which means that the computer needs to stay connected to the basic service set (BSS), so that it doesn't lose the decryption key for that session. This restricts the laptops to standby power at the least; hibernation is too deep for the network card to recognise the magic packet and wake.

You also need a wireless network interface that is integrated on the motherboard and capable of accessing the power circuitry on the motherboard. Only certain Intel chipsets can do this. And the laptops have to be on mains power at all times for it to work. If they are on battery power when they enter standby, the WoWLAN will be disabled to preserve the battery life.

And all this for two laptops. If you set the power saving profile to disable the screen and spin down the hard disks but nothing else, you'll probably be burning about 40W per laptop maximum. Compared with, say, 2W in standby. That's 76W of extra power used if you don't let them sleep. For a ten-hour day, 5-day week and 50-week year, that's 190KWhr, which is about $41.6 of extra electricity a year. You've already wasted a lot more than that in salaried hours fretting about this whole idea.

Description: Be prepared for your drive to fail as you should be prepared for the zombie apocalypse

Be prepared for your drive to fail as you should be prepared for the zombie apocalypse



IMRTIUTB - Hello. Mr. Chips

Hi, to you my mentor, I am a university student, due to the free fast internet. I have tried to harness this freedom by initiating torrent downloads on the campus machines but there is no activity. I presumed it was the settings, so I edited the proxy server settings but no luck.

Mentor am I? I must be getting senile because I don't remember ever telling you to leach university bandwidth with illegal downloads. Yes they have settings to stop you. That is a good thing. Now go study, before I forward this to the dean.


IUTWANID - Facebook fail

I've recently opened a link that someone sent me on Facebook... but they didn't. It turns out was some sort of worm that went straight for my operating memory and I can't seem to get rid of it. I run ESET Smart Security 5 but it seems to be no match for this new worm that's making my computer go insane. There's no way in hell that I'm formatting my system, so what is a guy to do? Insult me all you like just give me an answer!

Curiosity is a fantastic attribute and I have no time at all for those dullards that seep incuriously through life. Ask questions, I say! Let yourself be distracted; take things apart, even if there is nothing wrong with them; explore the side streets; order something unfamiliar in a restaurant. But there is a huge difference between being curious and being an idiot. You are an idiot. Clicking random links in Wikipedia is always a good idea. Clicking random links on Facebook is always a bad idea. Remember: if you are a moron, you will tend to make friends with other morons, so if a moron friend posts a link to a hilarious and/or sexy video on Facebook, it does not mean that he has checked it out and vouchsafed it. It just means that he is already infected with the same trojan as you are now.

Go to http://housecall.trendmicro. com/uk to scan your PC. Follow the instructions carefully and to the letter. Now go to your Facebook page and remove the rogue link from your list of Likes so that none of your other mentally stunted friends will click on it. Finally go to www. and drink deeply of the silly videos there so that you don't feel the need to click any more random crap on Facebook ever again.

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