Buying Guide: CPU Cooling Equipment (Part 6) - Deepcool by Logisys ICE BLADE PRO,Enermax ETD-T60-VD, Enzotech Extreme-X REV.A

6/23/2012 10:36:42 AM

Deepcool by Logisys ICE BLADE PRO

Description: Deepcool by Logisys ICE BLADE PRO

Why would you pay attention to it. Thanks to Core Touch Technology of Deepcool, 4 8mm heat pipes of ICE BLADE PRO insert into CPU's integrated heat sink clamp; the result is extremely efficient heat transfer. 120mm PWM fan of cooling device has cold blue LED light, turns Ice Blade Black Pro to excellent candidate for a computer case with window side panel.

Who should use it: People who love overclocking and computer want a cooling equipment with little visual power.

Socket compatibility: Intel LGA775/1155/1156/1366; AMD AM2/2+/3/3+; 754, 939, 940, FM1

Noise is rated: 21.4 to 32.1dBA






Deepcool by Logisys ICE MATRIX 600

Description: Deepcool by Logisys ICE MATRIX 600

Why would you pay attention to it. Powerful combination of 6 heat pipes with sintered powder, a nickel copper base, nickel aluminum heat sink foils eliminate CPU heat easily. This air cooling device also has a 140mm PWM fan to move air up to 71.8cfm. ICE MATRIX 600 will not make much noise while working. Even when noisiest, the cooling device never exceeds 26.7dBA.

Who should use it. Gamers and intelligent users like a sharp cooling and a big, strong fan.

Compatibility socket. Intel LGA775/1155/1156/1366; AMD AM2/2+/3, FM1

Noise is rated: 17.8 to 26.7dBA






Enermax ETD-T60-VD

Description: Enermax ETD-T60-VD

Why would you pay attention to it. ENERMAX has an impressive component system, including power supply, chassis, and CPU cooling devices are also very excellent. ETD-T60-VD is a unit of copper and aluminum and has some impressive proprietary technologies, including VGF (Vortex Generator Flow, increases the air convection around the heat pipes) and VEF (Vacuum Effect Flow, maximizes the air flow around the heat sinks). The nickel ETD-T60-VD with outstanding, sweet design.

Who should use: enthusiasts who want to move more air in a short time.

Socket compatibility: Intel LGA775/1155/1156/1366, AMD AM2/2+/3/3+

Noise is rated: 16 to 21dBA







Description: ENERMAX ETS-T40-TB

Why would you pay attention to it: this ENERMAX cooling device by air wants a close and personal contact with your CPU, and it is good: ETS-T40-TB with HDT technology (Heat Pipe Direct Touch) patent granted ENERMAX patent, that is, 4 heat pipes form a bottom portion of  ETS-T40-TB and contact directly with the integrated heat sink clamp of processor. At the most quiet, PWM TB Silence removable fan is only bigger than 10dBA.

Who should use: those who are looking for a CPU cooling device offers performance with a great price.

Socket compatibility: Intel LGA775/1155/1366, AMD AM2/2+/3/3+, FM1

Noise is rated: 10 to 21dBA






Enzotech Extreme-X REV.A

Description: Enzotech Extreme-X REV.A

Why would you pay attention to it. The problem of some radiators is they are so big that becoming incompatible with RAM, which have similar size radiator clamp. Extreme-X Rev.A provides many spaces around the memory slots of motherboard, maximizing compatibility without sacrificing performance. Based on direction of the radiator’s aluminum grilles, 120mm fan of cooling device moves air on the remaining hardware.

Who should use it: intelligent users with multiple memory modules, which have high heat sink clips.

Socket compatibility: Intel LGA775/1366, AMD AM2/2+/3, 754, 939, 940

Noise is rated: 15.8 to 43.3dBA





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