INTEL ATOM N2600 - Still Mighty Atom

7/18/2012 11:42:40 AM

Intel released its next generation of low power processors late last year, the third generation of Atom processors codenamed: Cedar Trail. This month we take a closer look at what they stick underneath the hood of netbooks and compare it to the previous generation.

Description: INTEL ATOM N2600


The Cedarview family of processors works on a smaller manufacturing scale than its predecessors. Working on a 32nm scale has allowed Intel to make the processor more efficient and reduce power consumption. The extra space was also put to good use to increase heat efficiency and allow for cooler running on fanless designs. Unfortunately, we couldn't quite test the power improvements on the new chip is due to it being installed in a lower end EeePC which had a smaller than usual battery pack.

More goodies

The updated chip comes with a lot more capabilities than just having a smaller manufacturing scale. There is now support for the more demanding video formats like Blu-ray 2.0 and full 1080p playback. Which is great, but one must wonder if the computers Cedarview will end up in are meant for playing things like Blu-ray; but just in case, Intel has also included display options for HDMI output and DisplayPort.

More cores

Description: Intel Atom N2600 Score

Intel Atom N2600 Score

Cedarview improves on Pineviewby splitting workloads over two cores. Now, that doesn't sound very impressive when you consider that quad-core computing has been around for years; but considering the size of the computers that these are put in then there is really something to talk about. Although there are concerns about battery life since dual cores will definitely soak up more juice. Intel appears to have compensated for this with more efficient processors.


The N2600 is at the low end of the Cedarview family, which still puts its clockspeed at an impressive 1.6GHz. Our review unit was installed in an ASUS EeePC, which unfortunately was at the low end of the EeePC spectrum. This prevented us from really testing how much the processor could do. But a quick benchmark came up at 586 which Isn’t too bad at all.

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