MacBook Pro with Retina display screen release

7/12/2012 11:33:16 AM

The next-generation MacBook Pro thanks to the reduction of optical drive makes it lighter with 2.02 kg weight, 1.8 cm thin and especially the incredibly super-crisp resolution of 2.880 x 1.800 pixels.

Description: The new MacBook Pro is thinner, lighter and super-crisp resolution

The new MacBook Pro is thinner, lighter and super-crisp resolution

It happens exactly as the recent rumor, at WWDC 2012 taken place in today morning, Apple officially introduces the next-generation MacBook Pro model with completely outstanding improvements. However, totally different with previous information, this product line will be specified for a particular segment with an expensive price while the old MacBook Pro with optical drive can be upgraded into the latest processor generation.

The most spectacular point on the new MacBook Pro generation is the IPS based panel which is ultra-thin and super-crisp resolution, achieves 2,880 x 1,800 pixels on 15.4” with a pixel density of 220 ppi, much higher than all of HDTV on the market currently. The pixel density of other devices using Retina display screen of Apple are iPad 3, 264 ppi and that of iPhone 4/4S is 330 ppi. Apple affirms that with this gorgeous screen, users will have opportunities to enjoy the great experience in browsing websites, dealing with text or photos like on the normal printing papers.

Description: Apple emphasize mostly how smooth the display screen of the new MacBook Pro is (right)

Apple emphasize mostly how smooth the display screen of the new MacBook Pro is (right)

Not only impressing by the significant display screen, Apple’s products but also have thin and light design. Though keeping loyal to its typical aluminum unibody, it is still 1.8 cm thin and 2.02 kg weight, nearly meets the standard for ultra-portable ultrabook model which Intel set for other computer manufacturers.

It no longer integrates optical drive but is equipped with plenty of helpful connectivity ports. Firstly, we have to mention about the MagSafe 2 power connector which is designed lighter, 2 Thunderbolt ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI (first time ever for MacBook Pro) and SD memory card reader along with a headphone jack.

Description: The new MacBook Pro is thinner and lighter. Photo: Engadget

The new MacBook Pro is thinner and lighter. Photo: Engadget

The new MacBook Pro generation aims at the high-end users with crystal clear purposes such as graphics designing, editing, video editing, top photographers, film producers, and architects with the starting price at $2,199. With this amount of money, users will possess Intel’s Ivy Bridge quad-Core i7 running at 2.3 GHz (up to 2.7 GHz), 1600 MHz RAM memory with capacity of 8 GB (maximum upgrade to 16 GB), 256GB SSD (up to 768 GB), NVIDIA Kepler GT 650M graphics card with VRAM 1 GB.

According to the manufacturer, MacBook Pro 2012 has continuous battery life up to 7 hours and 30 days of standby time.

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