EDGE10 EF240a

8/4/2012 11:44:25 AM

The EF240a is a 24in monitor that costs about the same as other companies' budget 22in displays. It has a Full HD resolution and LED backlighting, and comes with VGA or DVI inputs and a three-year onsite warranty.

The plain design uses cheap black plastic throughout. It's not very thin, but it does have VESA mounts on the rear of the case for wall mounting. The stand only allows for tilting, and you'll have to adjust it carefully to get the best angle because viewing angles are fussy.

Description: EDGE10 EF240a

EDGE10 EF240a       

The menu system is crude and controlled by buttons below the screen. They're marked by icons on the bezel above, but, confusingly, the buttons don’t seem to match the icons.

Thankfully, there are lots of options to play with. Along with brightness and contrast, you get three’ Eco’ presets, which simply dim the backlight by certain amounts, and a dynamic contrast option that changes the brightness of the backlight in response to the brightness of the currently displayed image. This caused sudden and distracting changes in luminosity while watching movies, so we left it disabled.

Control over color temperature is limited to a cold 9300K, a more balanced 6500K and a User option that lets you adjust red, green and blue values separately. The 6500K setting is fairly accurate, although in our calibration tests it was only 84 per cent of sRGB, with blues and greens being the most inaccurate.

Contrast is good. In the night-time airport scene in Casino Royale, we were able to make out the seams in the bad guy's black leather shoes, while in the sunny scenes in the Bahamas, the cloque pattern on M's cream jacket was still mostly visible.

The EF240a has few niggles other than its fiddly menu system. There’s no support for HDCP over DVI, so you won’t be able to play copy-protected movies from a Blu-ray player. You do, however, get a set of speakers. They’re not loud, but they'll do for YouTube videos.

However, such details are irrelevant. This is a 24in monitor with acceptable image quality and a three-year onsite warranty for a low price. It's unbeatable value, and it wins our budget buy award.

Technical data

Price: $124

Verdict: A 24in monitor with decent image quality and a three year onsite warranty for a low price

23.6in widescreen LCD: 1920x1080 native resolution, VGA, DVI inputs

Part code: EF240a


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