Corsair Dominator Platinum Dual-Channel DDR3 Memory Kits (Part 2)

5/4/2013 3:33:26 PM

Corsair Dominator Platinum Series

Corsair has been one of the oldest developers of overlocker-friendly memory with records since 1994. The company has made ​​a lot of changes in its memory module designs. Some of them were the firsts in the industry while others were still exclusive. For instance, Corsair was one of the first companies to use high heatsinks with a large surface area. They were the firsts to put activity indicators on the top edge of the memory module and the PCB as a way to remove thermal off the memory chips through their pins. Corsair is also able to be recognized with developing memory modules with the expanded monitoring options through software tools or indicators of hardware. It really takes us quite long to give us the names of all the company’s technical achievements.

The new Dominator Platinum Series can be known as the glorious traditions. This product is worth taking notice in implementing three original solutions:

·         Technologies help to improve the frequency potential

·         The external design solutions

·         The ability of extra monitoring system memory

That is a combination of three elements that make up the special Dominator Platinum series.

First of all, let's discuss the appearance. After all, the first thing you take notice about the Dominator Platinum is the exterior design.

The modules look stylish and sturdy. The manufacturers did not do their best to save the heatsinks which are made of thick and strong black-anodized ruffled aluminum bars. Their sides are not high, but the third heatsink at the top of each module has the ability to dissipate the heat efficiently. Finally, the shiny frame with the engraved Dominator logo makes it more complete and powerful.

However, the high heatsinks tend to cause some problems. Each Dominator Platinum module is 55 mm high and 7.5 mm thick, which makes it incompatible with large CPU coolers. We reckon that such modules can only be installed with narrow tower-design coolers like the Thermalright Archon or with liquid cooling solutions that have been developed commonly among enthusiasts.

In contrast to many other products of the same type, Corsair’s new modules are much more robust. It does not have the delicate details inside. Instead of dual-sided thermal-conductive object, the heatsinks are tightly secured by four screws, which make the modules almost monolithic.

The modules have a further special feature. The shiny frame at the top part of the module has an integrated light pipe that stands out with two bright white LED lights on both sides. The diffused light from them is directed downward, toward the DIMM slots, creating a beautiful white halo in a working computer. The manufacturers have promised that they might replace these versions together for highlighting, so modders will probably choose from several variants.

Prominent decorative features

Prominent decorative features

Of course, the cooling system of the Dominator Platinum combines the beauty with high efficiency. In addition to this, the heatsinks use Corsair's Dual-path Heat X Change technology. Its purpose is to cool DDR3 SDRAM chips and the PCB at the same time in two different ways. Some heat is gotten rid of in the usual way with heatsinks attached to the surface of the chips. And the remaining heat is gotten rid of from the chips through their pins and moved to a metalized plate at the top part of the PCB. That plate is associated with the comb-shaped heatsinks below the steel frame. This solution ensures efficient cooling, and results in the stable operation of the DDR3 SDRAM chips at high frequencies and heavy loads.

Cooling system

Cooling system

This requirement can be easily checked in practice, by the way: as the Dominator Platinum series is endowed with the ability to monitor. Each module has a special connector to connect to a Corsair Link controller. The infrastructure of Corsair Link combines hardware and software parts that can help you monitor and adjust the parameters, the cooling and highlight systems of your PSU. Now the system memory can be well-integrated into it. If you have already had a Corsair Link controller (that is bought separately), you can monitor the temperature and load level of each module Dominator Platinum via the Corsair Link Dashboard utility.

Corsair Link Dashboard utility

Corsair Link Dashboard utility

Unfortunately, the modules monitoring Dominator Platinum are only supported via Corsair Link interface. Although each module carries all the necessary circuits and the SPD standard supports thermal sensors, the latter module is unable to be accessed without Corsair Link. Corsair is just trying to promote its proprietary solutions to draw users to separate parts of the Corsair.

The Corsair Dominator Platinum series consists of a variety of products with different specifications: dual-channel and quad-channel kits are rated having speed ranging from DDR3-1600 to DDR-2800 and the ability to combine 8, 16, or in some cases is 32 GB. Some kits include an additional fan that you are able to set so that it can blow the modules from above.

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