Letter Of The Month – November 2012 (Part 2)

11/26/2012 9:14:59 AM

A dangerous app?

I’m new to Android having just got my hands on a Samsung Galaxy S III. My friend recommended some apps I should check out, one of which was PowerAMP. I really like the extra bass and volume the app offers through the headphones. The problem is, the extra bass and volume make my phone shake/ vibrate and I’m worried it will damage the phone. I have stopped using Poweramp until I can be assured that it won’t damage my new handset. Do you think I should be worried?

Description: Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

We say: It sounds unlikely. Prolonged vibration could damage a phone, but we’re talking more like industrial levels rather than something that could be produced by a music app.

Silly question?

My initial reaction to your question ‘what is the number one function you use your phone for?’ in issue number 13 was, what a silly question. Obviously the number one function is the pho..., no hold it, when I come to think about it, using the phone is certainly not the number one function by a long way.

I have a contract including ADSL that gives me free calls from my land line so my wife and I who each have a Sony Neo V only use the phone part of our smartphones when we are separated from each other when we are travelling and it is paired to our car phone system.

So taking that into account I then set out to discover what I do actually use my Neo V for. Obviously games, we have both become addicted to Angry Birds and normally play these types of games when at a loose end or waiting in queues. Google Maps is utilised a lot for finding where places are, along with YouTube either to watch something funny, a film clip or video of a new single. I write a lot so the Word Web dictionary app is often opened when I need to check on a particular word via the thesaurus, i do use Skype quite a lot as I have family and friends scattered all over the world but when I did a count back I realised that I had only made twelve calls in a month that way.

Description:  Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V.

 Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V

The media section is also often called upon to show photos to friends or to listen to some of my iTunes playlists. My calendar is certainly used daily as I need to check my appointments and also add others to it frequently, so that has to the number one app for me without a doubt. Yes my calend... No wait a moment what about the internet. I have Opera Mini installed and I troll the net frequently each and every day even at home when I could be using either the desktop or my laptop.

Finally I had found the answer to your question. The number one function I use on my Sony Neo V smartphone is the internet browser, Opera Mini.

We say: It is pretty amazing what these devices are used for, and how, over a short period of time, everyone makes their device totally unique to themselves. We’re also big fans of Opera Mini (for those times when we’re looking to cut down on bandwidth usage), as well as Maps, Mail, the fitness app Endomondo Pro and, most recently, New Star Soccer.

Better than the Z2

In issue 13 you review the Cowon Plenue Z2, and ask if Android finally have its iPod touch. It already does in the fantastic Samsung Galaxy player. I was really surprised to not see this with the existing better than worse than format.

Description: Cowon Plenue Z2

Cowon Plenue Z2

We say: We didn’t do a better than/ worse than with our review of the Z2, but the Galaxy Player would indeed have rated higher.

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