Tablet for the road

3/22/2012 4:55:25 PM

Tablet for the road

Tablet for you

What make up a table is different from every people you ask, but in general, a tablet is a slim, super light, wireless tool equipped with a touch screen (from 7 to 10 inches). Being bigger than smartphone but smaller than laptop, tablet provides 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection, and depending on model, it can have USB gates and HDMI output, memory card’s slot, integrated digicam and webcam, headphone jack, built-in virtual keyboard, and GPS, along with other features. Tablet also works out on online entertainment, playing games, increase performance and communication/contact services which are accessed through applications and utilities from application stores such as App Store, Appstore for Android from, and Android Market.

Currently, Apple rules desktop computer sales as millions of iPad sales will confirm. However, everyday there are several new producers joining to introduce a new model of tablet. Tablets but not the famous iPad include these following kinds:

·         Galaxy models from Samsung, including Tab 10.1 (starting at $499 USD) get compliments for integrating Google services.

·         TouchPad from HP ($499,99 USD) was on display on July 1st and ran WebOS operating system after purchasing Palm.

·         Motorola Xoom (starting at $599 USD) gets people’s attention due to its hardware structure and technical features.

·         Asus Eee Pad Transformer (starting at $399,99 USD) provides dock/optional keyboard which basically turns tablet into an inferior laptop.

·         Panasonic Android Toughbook (its price was not available when this article was made), was planned to come out at the end of this year,  with embedded hardware security, suitable structure in order to use outside, and XGA 1.024x768 monitor manufactured to enable watching ability in daylight.

All tablets share three desiring features for SOHO users: light and mobile ability, fast start-up and long battery duration. Shim considers tablet as “a convenient computing foundation” because it “enables everything consumers ever want to happen”. He commented that “convenient computing” lets users have a closer interaction with their own computing tools. Zbar thinks that “tablets help SOHO users as the similar ways they do at larger companies. They are fast, easy to use; quick start-up; powerful application space is growing up; and now it is interesting to improve performance".

Rid-Nielsen offers SOHO users to look for a tablet which can convert “a content consuming tool into a content creating tool”. Tablets need to react quickly; therefore, at least you should use the processor 1GHz. He also proposes long battery duration (at least 8 hours); a 7-inch-or-more high-resolution screen; from 512MB to 1GB RAM; camera HD (video and photos) to create data faster; and one more important thing is the continuous connection on the Internet by 3G/4G or Wi-Fi, which lets you save your files in cloud as well.

Android tablets, for example Samsung Galaxy Model, have been focused because it can integrate with many online Google Services.

Xoom Motorola has received good comments because its various technological characteristics, even the ability of recording 720p video.


Apple or Android?

The basement which a tablet is built up is the other main interest toward SOHO users. Although tablets based on Windows will be more popular, iOS and  Android are the major choices currently. iPad is a right option for the owners of iPhone and the previous iPod equipments on account of its familiarity and functions. Android is a stable choice for whom prefer Google services because of Google participation in developing Android scheme.

One attention about Android is open-source basement, producers can change their products as they demand; consequently, many tablets run many different Android versions.


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