Samsung 7.1 Channel Blu-Ray 3D Home Theatre System

1/24/2013 4:21:29 PM

Blu-ray 3D home theatre system of Samsung is designed to become a completely intelligent establishment of TV with kit form.

In a box that is rather big and heavy, you have surround sound system with 7.1 channels, one Blu-ray 3D head and you can also make your dull TV become intelligent, so you can browse web and access applications.

Description: Samsung 7.1 Channel Blu-Ray 3D Home Theatre System

Samsung 7.1 Channel Blu-Ray 3D Home Theatre System - Sophisticated Design

In theory, it is a wonderful idea. In reality, it isn’t too wonderful, but it is rather good.

It’s difficult to establish this system and in reality it is a big obstacle. It takes you over 1 hour to establish everything and plug in because the direction is unclear, it lacks diagram and opens cable confusedly. Left-right loudspeaker and surround sound are fit 4 bases that have the form of high pillar that has the same height with a cabinet. People assemble pillars; in box, they are divided into 3 pieces. However, before you connect pillar with suitable cable, cables must be passed through base.

Bases aren’t stable. Especially to most of people, you have carpet in your living room. Bases are high, light and not large enough to keep them stable, so you need to find way to pin bases down. If heads of vacuum cleaner push lightly, newly lovely loudspeaker can also be destroyed. Bases are formed like that, so you don’t have any way to reduce them so that you can put it on TV-cabinet to help them be more stable. In reality, do you calculate about the large number of strings spread all over the room length to help this system work and the ability of making loudspeaker fall and destroy? This rate is very high although you are very careful.

Description: Rich and Realistic Surround Sound

Rich and Realistic Surround Sound

Of course, loudspeakers are designed highly enough so that they have the same height with head when you sit on sofa. It’s very wonderful, but we like system that is stable enough to help it not meet any broken risk in some weeks.

But it is the place that my complaints about theatre system at home end. This system is fashionable and its components are rather old regardless of modern technology. It looks like beautiful although its size isn’t ideal for small apartments.

Sound quality is remarkable feature and it is rather difficult to believe for a system at home. I have Blu-ray disc with the first season of Game of Thrones and in reality it is an ideal choice to try. When loudspeakers are established and they work suitably, experience will be very wonderful. When we listen to subject song, we recognize music elements that we haven’t seen before. Although bass’s volume is rather low, it makes floor shake and we are afraid of bothering our downstairs neighbors.

Description: Cinema-quality 3D

Cinema-quality 3D

Surround loudspeakers are put on the right and left of place you sit and they pay much attention to sound effects. With appearance of sound effect, you will really concentrate. In Games of Thrones, there is a special scene where a character that is fit to blame is smacked. While I stayed in next room to prepare for snacks, that scene was played and cuff’s sound made me turn round and I thought that something in room was fallen or detonated.

I feel that intelligent TV technology of Samsung lacks something; however, it’s wonderful when Samsung includes intelligent function.  I bought a TV some years ago, but it isn’t fit to be upgraded. Consequently, it’s wonderful to have intelligent functions without buying TV. However, “smart hub” configuration is rather slow to navigate, especially for remote controller that bases on accompanied laser.

Web browser is an intelligent feature of Smart Hub and it also supports flash. You can access You Tube’s video from browser although their streaming is slower than on your PC. In reality, when you navigate to You Tube or other websites with laser remote controller, you can leave sofa, start PC and browser then watch video. This thing doesn’t exaggerate. Navigating of web browser is extremely slow, especially Blu-ray head only responds to remote controller about 70% of time.

When we can download new applications, there is a limitation about 250MB of store capacity that is available for them.

Wirelessly Connect with other Devices

If you have another equipment to plug in TV - media, game console - you can run these 2 things through Blu-ray head so that they can take full advantage of sweet loudspeakers. We tested this thing with PlayStation 3 and PC and both of them worked well.

If you want to use loudspeaker to play music, you can plug them in Blu-ray head or iPhone’s accompanied floating head. It is big enough to plug iPhone, but it cannot plug with iPad or USB in the front.

Blu-ray 3D theatre system at home of Samsung is so big, high-ranking and unessential for every family. Old TV becomes new one because strange sound that releases from loudspeaker combines Blu-ray head. This thing makes system become extremely wonderful regardless of its mistakes.


·         Price: $1,500

·         Website:


·         Surround sound with 7.1 channels

·         Wonderful sound, especially to special effects

·         Laser remote controller makes Smart Hub become difficult to use.


·         It can know many things, but it is only excellent about one thing.

·         Ratings: 3/5


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