Bose Solo - Basic System Of Loudspeaker

2/6/2013 9:04:17 AM

Its sound is improved more than TV; however, input is limited and not ideal to use with decoding box.

Description: Bose Solo

Bose Solo

According to Bose’s standard, Solo is a basic system of loudspeaker. It is loudspeaker that is designed to lie under TV. It can also use something that is stronger to replace loudspeakers attached inside.

Like most of Bose products, Solo has small and beautiful design and it can play well with any TV although the company advises you loudspeaker with 42-inch TV or smaller to make sound not become small. 4 loudspeaker drivers and 2 bass gates are inside. Although it isn’t surround sound system, it will provide bigger improvement than drivers that are limited to set up to most of flat-screen televisions availably.

Around the back side, connection is limited with optical digital inputs and coaxial digital and one stereo phono analogue connection. Besides, there is also a USB gate and 3.500 plugging jack; however, they are only used for service.

Description: Connection is limited with optical digital inputs and coaxial digital and one stereo phono analogue.

Connection is limited with optical digital inputs and coaxial digital and one stereo phono analogue.

There aren’t HDMI or pass-through inputs, so you will need source with integrated outputs to help you not to connect cables from TV to loudspeaker. It seems to be more complex than plugging HDMI cables through Solo. But most of TVs that we saw have optical output or some analogue for stereo sound. Each of the cables that you need to use for inputs is included in box, so you won’t have to buy only it for system.

It’s difficult to believe a remote that is included in system and has buttons for source, mute and controlling volume. Because Solo can be compatible with general remotes, you can use it to control both TV and loudspeaker to simplify your A/V establishment. However, if you don’t have HDMI connection, you will not have any way to use Anynet+ universal on our referred TV’s remote.

For daily television programs, Solo loudspeaker is a bigger improvement than integrated TV drivers. It creates clear sound with big volume and good quantity of bass. It can work with digital radio, with noise from high end sound and even in heavy rock and electric rock well.

An only loudspeaker unit cannot compete with specialized surround sound system. Therefore, Solo helps us see its advantages when we are watching film. Loudspeakers that have virtual surround sound also overwhelms than an only unit. Hence, if you are looking for something that is neat and light to use for nights of watching film, it is sure that you should find another place.

We have used Solo together with TV’s loudspeaker before; however, an inconvenient thing is that delaying between sound output of TV and Solo in half of second. It means that you have to choose between this thing and that thing or be caught with constant resound. Some TVs allow you to set up audio delay, but not all. If your TV doesn’t have this mode, you will not have any other choices besides make TV dumb.

When you consider it not suitable to big TVs, maybe you will set up Solo under the second TV in bedroom more than in living room. Its quality of images increases more than loudspeakers that are set up on TV availably. However, it isn’t as good as other loudspeaker systems with its price. You can also buy Blu-ray 5.1 system form companies such as Panasonic or Sony with similar price or a loudspeaker that has HDMI input to use it with decoding box or Blu-ray without connecting with cables from TV. Consequently, Solo proves that it is too limited and expensive to take an introduction.


·         $523, including VAT

·         Website:

·         Ranking: 3/5


Technological features

·         Input: 1 digital phono, 1 digital optical, 1 analogue stereo phono

·         Consumption of energy: 18W for operating, 0W for waiting

·         Warranty: 2-year RTB


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