Asus PB278Q – A Monitor With Excellent Resolution

2/6/2013 5:28:14 PM

This product has less additional things than its competitors; however, it has excellently high resolution at the beginning.

Description: Asus PB278Q

Asus PB278Q

PB278Q is 27-inch screen that has big 2,560x1,440 resolution and it also has similar technological features to VP2770-LED of ViewSonic. It is the screen that can adjust image quality excellently. So, this makes it become ideal to work on many documents or complex applications such as adjusting video or applications that are used to produce sound.

Once we spent time with 2,560x1,440 screen, it will be difficult for us to return with old boring 1,920x1,080 screen. There are too spaces to arrange windows that you don’t need the second screen. PB278Q helps you easily become comfortably with screens due to adjustment of height and declination. But it doesn’t adjustment of height like ViewSonic screen and it doesn’t turn form this side to that one, so you have to the whole screen on base. PB278Q also turns in the straight mode to handle text more easily.

Dark grey beveling face of screen looks like intelligent and it seems to be a kit that has good quality - the thing that you hope in this price. Below part is DVI, VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort inputs and screen has stereo 3 W-loudspeaker that is used for basic sounds and Youtube video. Unfortunately, there isn’t hub USB like on screen of ViewSonic.

We are impressed with quality of images at the beginning. DispcalGUI alignment software and Spyder4Express colorimetric equipment show that screen is displaying 98.4% of sRGB color at default establishment and once we adjusted screen, it shows 99.1% of sRGB. Although you don’t adjust screen, you will have good accuracy of color. In addition, you need to use alignment on ViewSonic’s screen to take full advantage of it.

In objective tests of checking images, we see that it doesn’t have anything that we have to complain. In tests about the same color, color is saturated and widespread screen’s surface while black id deep and it isn’t leaked out from backlight. In tests of images, we saw many details in bright and dark areas. PB278Q of Asus has excellent accuracy of color and this thing also takes place to the default establishment. Consequently, you can ensure that images are beautiful without interfering of professional equipment.

PB278Q has physical adjustment less than VP2770-LED of ViewSonic and it doesn’t also have hub USB that is set up availably. However, it is $75 cheaper. If you want to adjust vertical axis, hub USB3 and high base, you can choose screen of ViewSonic. But if you don’t need the interesting additional things, this is screen that you should buy.

Description: Asus PB278Q’s rear view

Asus PB278Q’s rear view


·         Price: $750, including VAT

·         Website:

·         Ranking: 5/5


Technological features

·         Screen’s size: 27 inches large angle

·         Resolution: 2,560x1,440

·         Contrastive rate: 80.000.000:1

·         Lambert: 300cd/m2

·         Gate: VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI

·         Consume energy: 1W for waiting , 42W for operating

·         Warranty: 3-year RTB


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