Gammatech Durabook T70Q : The $2,000 Windows-Based Tablet With High Durability

8/29/2012 1:07:07 AM

Description: GammaTech DuraBook T70Q

GammaTech DuraBook T70Q

Do you want a tablet that is durable enough to use in plants, factories, deserts, on beaches or even in battlefield? The latest Windows-based tablet model called DuraBook T70Q of GameTech may satisfy your demand. This model has a mighty appearance in comparison with other ordinary tablets because it has the cover made of magnesium alloy to adapt the army’s request. It has a 7-inch touchscreen at 1,024x600, Intel Atom N2600 or N2800 processor, 5 MP camera, SSD mSATA with sensors such as compass, gyroscope, etc. The accessories include RFID reader, bar-code scanner, and GPS receiver. The starting price is at $2,000.

Description: At plants, factories, deserts, on beaches or even in battlefield?

At plants, factories, deserts, on beaches or even in battlefield?

Specs of GammaTech DuraBook T70Q

OS: Windows 7

Screen: 7-inch resistive touch screen, 1,024 x 600

CPU: optional Intel Atom N2600 (1,6GHz) or N2800 (1,86GHz)

GPU: Intel GMA 3650


Camera: 5 megapixels

2 batteries support 10 hours of using

Security: Trusted Platform Module 1.2, BIOS lock and Kensington lock

Cover made of Magnesium alloy

Price: starts at 2,000 USD, 3 year-warrantee

Compatible with Military Standard 810G of US Army: Drop Resistant: 26 drops of 60 inches; Shock Resistant; Spill Resistant; Dust Resistance; Salt & Fog Resistance

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