Photoshop Touch (Part 2)

4/12/2012 4:18:15 PM

Users will also gain the necessary tools to mesh together multiple photos. By importing more than one photo on separate layers, you will be given the option to adjust the opacity (transparency) of layers. You can then merge the layers, and even adjust their coloring individually or by using the match color feature. This feature will borrow all of the colors and tones found in the bottom of most images and apply them to the image or images that are above it. Just like in the desktop version, you can easily turn on and off a given layer’s visibility, making it easier to mesh and adjust images when working with multiple photos. You will also have access to different “blending modes” which make it easier to mesh images together. However, there are not near as many as one would find on the desktop version of the software. Photoshop Touch users will get primary access to the blend modes; Normal, Multiply, Screen, and Overlay. Typical users will find these modes to be more than enough for most basic photo edits.

Perhaps the most interesting and entertaining aspect of the program is the “Scribble Selection Tool.” This nifty little utility will allow you to keep or remove unwanted sections of a photo in a very simple manner. One you select the tool you will be given the option of selecting “keep” or “remove.” Selecting “keep” means that you use your finger to scribble over all of the portions of the photo you want to keep, the program will then make a selection around the chosen sections of the photo and will remove all other pieces of the image.

Selecting “remove” has the opposite effect and will remove everything that you scribble over, leaving only the parts of the photo you don’t touch. This makes meshing images together an easy process for almost any user.

Description: Photoshop Touch

Description: Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch isn’t all perfection though, and it is missing some key elements that you would find in the standard desktop version of the software. For one, image size is limited to 1600 by 1600 pixels. While this is an impressive photo-size for tablets, it isn’t anything to drool over. Most laptops and PCs can process much larger image sizes and with a limited palette, Photoshop Touch wouldn’t be useful for crafting very high-resolution images. The application also only works in the “landscape orientation”, meaning that the iPad device has to be turned sideways at all times. You cannot edit photos in portrait mode, which could make for some difficulties when you are editing a smaller photo or one with “taller than wider” dimensions. Lastly, adding text to photo’s in Photoshop Touch isn’t exactly a pleasing experience. It isn’t that fact that it is difficult to type in the program, it’s the fact that the type is “raster type” and it cannot be edited once you add it to the photo. This be can quite the headache and is cause for a lot of “undo” when your type ends up misplaced.

You can also easily save and share your creations after you are done editing them. The program allows you to quickly save a photo and any visible layers with it to your camera roll. You can also send a photo via email or even immediately send it to your Facebook page to share with your friends. You can also create different folders in order to store creations you have made and continue to edit them by reopening them in the program.

It’s important to understand that this version of Photoshop isn’t anywhere near as complex and in-depth as the stable version of Photoshop that can be found on desktops and laptops; however, this is an amazingly useful photo-editing software and an immense value when you really break it down. If you’re looking to make simple edits and transformations, then this program will do more than enough for you. In fact, for individuals who don’t want to spend all of the time attempting to learn the original Photoshop program, Photoshop Touch offers what appears to be a very simple learning curve. Its ease-of-use will appeal to the typical user that is looking for entertainment value and a little touch up here and there to improve their images. If you want to give photo-editing a try on the iPad 2 or new generation then go ahead and grab the Photoshop Touch App, available now in the Apple App Store.

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