Need To Know A Snapshot Of What Is Exciting Us (Part 1) - New iPad enhances tablet photography

7/16/2012 2:44:56 PM

New iPad enhances tablet photography

With the new iPap and the iPhoto app release, Apple gives us some exciting new photography features

Description: New iPad enhances tablet photography

New iPad enhances tablet photography

The new iPad, recently released by Apple, brings with it a host of new technology for photographers. The tablet takes the place of the hugely popular iPad 2 with some great new features, the highlight of which is the 5MP iSight camera. It may still be withour a flash, but its backside- illuminated sensor will greatly improve the imade quality. Apple has also introduced the impressive retina display. The new iPad has a staggering 3.1 million pixels condensed into the screen, giving a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536, which is more than any tablet and even an HDTV. The third- generation iPad starts at just $ 499 for the Wi- Fi- only version.

Along with the new tablet, Apple has released new and updated apps, key among them being iPhoto. This brings the Mac photo application to the iPad, and tailors its features to the touch screen. iPhoto is available for just $ 4.99 from the App Store, and combined with the new iPad’s camera, Apple has given us a great way to shoot, edit and share while on the move.

Description: Combining iPhoto with the new iPad’s camera gives us a great way to shoot, edit and share on the go

Combining iPhoto with the new iPad’s camera gives us a great way to shoot, edit and share on the go


The new five- megapixel camera allows you to take stunning shots as well as full 1080p HD video

Browse your shots

In iPhoto, you can easily scroll through all your shots, highlighting your favorites or comparing similar photos

Photo effects

The iPhoto app lets you apply professional- quality effects to your shots in seconds

White balance

This button in iPhoto will let you make tweaks to your image’s white balance in seconds

All new screen

The new iPad comes with a super- high resolution retina display- perfect for photos

Multi- touch editing

Editing your shots can be done with simple touch gestures, making it quick and easy to get the look you want

The best new features for photographers

iSight camera

Description: iSight camera

iSight camera

Along with the blistering new screen, the iPad now comes with a brand- new camera. Following along from the new optics introduced in the iPhone 4S, the iPad’s camera now has a 5MP, backside- illuminated sensor, along with more advanced optics for improved image quality. This camera will not give high- quality photos; now you can also record videos at 1080p resolution so you can capture moments wherever you are.

iPhone on the iPad

On of the standout new features of the new iPad is the simultaneous release of iPhoto. A photo viewer, editor and sharer that has been used on Apple Mac computers for a long time, iPhoto has now been introduced to the portable device. It comes with a host of features aimed at making viewing and organising your shots a breeze. It also comes with some intelligent editing options as well, which utilise the iPad’s tactile touch technology.

Editing with iPhoto

iPhoto offers a range of editing options, so you can enhance good shots or save bad ones

Adjustment brushes

Description: Adjustment brushes

Adjustment brushes

There is a rande of different adjustment brushes you can use. To apply the effect, simply select one and the brush the area of your image you want to chance. This is great for brightening a specific area of an image, blurring out the background, or boosting the colours.

Professional- quality effects

Description: Professional- quality effects

Professional- quality effects

Choose from a selection of photo effects to apply to any of your images, whether it enhances your  image or gives it a whole new look. Simply use the swatch book to select the desired effect then pinch and zoom, or slide from left to right to adjust the intensity.

Multi- touch editing

Description: Multi- touch editing

Multi- touch editing

iPhoto promotes extremely simple editing, utilising the multi- touch interface of the iPad and making editing your shots easier than ever. Simply touch the image where you want to edit, and then drag up, down, left or right to adjust things like the saturation of the sky.

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