Buffalo CloudStation Duo - Your personal cloud

4/28/2012 11:39:01 AM

Buffalo CloudStation Duo - Your personal cloud

Price $428.8

Manufacturer Buffalo


The Buffalo CloudStation Duo is small, but quite heavy. While some NAS devices might look more suited to an office, the Cloudstation Duo can be unobtrusively installed without looking out of place.


Flicking open the front gives quick and easy access to the two 1TB hard drives that come installed. Removing them is a bit fiddly at first, but is a lot easier than many other NAS drives. The fact that the Buffalo CloudStation Duo comes with two large hard drives already installed and set up in a RAID 1 configuration is great and eliminates a more fiddly and complicated part of the setup procedure.

Installation involves going to the https://cloudstation. website and going through the easy to follow step-by-step walkthrough. It took just a couple of minutes to set up the CloudStation Duo, and the majority of settings were done behind the scenes. However, we had to wait for an activation email to be sent before we started using it.

While we were waiting for the confirmation email we downloaded and installed the desktop app, which allowed us to easily view and browse files stored on the Buffalo Cloudstation Duo without having to go through Window's networking options. You can also map the drive over, though we encountered an error message regarding default sharing problems, which is a common issue that required some fiddling to fix.

Performance-wise copying files over is quite slow, averaging about 11MB/s, so large backups is going to take awhile.

D-LINK Powerline DHP-W307 AV

An easy way to extend wireless

Price $131.2

Manufacturer D-Link


Home networking always used to be an arcane art, where trying to connect two or more machines in one house required mystical rituals, and possibly a sacrificial goat, in order to get the two talking.

Things have come a long way though, and nowadays attaching a PC to the network can be as simple as plugging an Ethernet cable into the electrical wiring of your house. Not directly, obviously - that way spiky hair, smoking skin and death lies.


Wireless connection can still be tricky though. If your router doesn't have the strength to fire the data through walls into other rooms you could find yourself in that horrible state of disconnection where you have no web access. That's where wireless extenders like this come in.

The D-Link Powerline DHP-W307 AV Wireless N Starter Kit takes the connection from your router though the electrical wiring of your house and spits a wireless access point out of any other socket available.

It's also Homeplug AV compatible, so any modern powerline kit will work with it, even from rival manufacturers. And the actual connection is as simple as plugging into an electrical socket.

The only really tricky part of the installation was placing security on the secondary access point, and that was only down to an obfuscating wizard in the browser-based setup that did a good job of confusing things. Note, it does require a separate login to connect to the extender, but that's a very small price to pay for house-wide wireless internet access.

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