Armaggeddon Avatar Pro X5 - The Sound Of Gods and Battles

5/12/2012 3:32:04 PM

Epicness in two ear cans and a microphone

The Armaggeddon Avatar Pro X5 is what the Avatar Pro X7 (which we've reviewed recently, and had loved) is as a standalone headset. It doesn't come in the full-fledged package of connectors and components as the X7, but that doesn't mean that it's a skimped out version of its higher-end brethren. This headset can deliver the sound, and it does so with thunderous enthusiasm.

Description: Armaggeddon Avatar Pro X5

This is a fairly large headset, and understandably rather heavy. The design is appropriately stylish, like most gaming-based headsets tend to be; it decks itself with rugged corners and looks like it fell off a Transformer's head. The ear cans are adjustable, and the headband is padded with two cushions. There's also a microphone, which you can swivel in adjustment.

Despite its large and heavy stature, the X5 is a surprisingly comfortable wear. This is mostly in due part thanks to its well-padded band and cans, and the headset doesn't press too hardly onto the head. We don't know if this is intentional or otherwise, but the shape the can is and its larger built actually leaves a gap under the ears when you put it on. This actually ventilates the cans so it doesn't heat up too quickly on long periods of use - on the other hand, it also means that the X5 doesn't isolate noise as well as we'd like.

Description: Armaggeddon Avatar Pro X5

The X5 is a 5.1 surround headset, and it comes with the necessary larger amount of connectivity ports for you to hook up. The headset and the cables are centralised on a controller, which has a volume nub and the microphone switch. The controller also lets you tune the front, back and centre volumes (it's 5.1, after all), as well as control the bass. It's a robustness that you rarely find and, frankly, all the more welcoming.

The sound quality here is, in a whole, excellent. You get great fidelity, a lot of detail in the sound and the 5.1 surround works wonderfully, able to reproduce surround moments in music and movies with glorious clarity. The bass provides some hearty thumps, but it does crack slightly when you tune the volume to very high levels. We put it up for a game of Battlefield 3 and had a literal blast with its fidelity. The microphone is fairly decent, and reproduces audio well.

Armaggeddon Avatar Pro X5

Price $97.75



Connectivity: 3.5mm 4 steps

Surround: 5.1 Digital Dolby surround

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