Arcsoft Perfect365

6/24/2012 9:31:52 AM

In the decade in which Facebook has replaced for the old traditional means of communication including going out, there is no reason in wasting a lot of time and money in beauty treatments like makeup and Botox.

Description: Arcsoft Perfect365

Digital photo retouching is so popular in entertainment and fashion industries, and it is so nice that to those who weren’t born with top-model beauties receive the proper help with our digital images.

On your hand lies the help in the form of Perfect365. It can be downloaded free of charge, but in order for higher output definitions than 600x600, you have to pay $37.50; therefore, you don’t have to pay a penny if you just want to retouch your profile image on Facebook.

Choosing an image through file browser is a little bit awkward, and around 10% of our tested images were refused due to the reason that the software could find any face in them. The others worked quite well, with the Perfect365 software finding plenty of faces in the group images and define accurately different faces to deal with. Occasionally, it required minor changes to adjust the corner of mouths or eyes, but they could be done simply by moving a dot to an accurate place.

Description: Before

Panel Instant Look provides 21 one-click solutions from Organic, which can fade the skin textures, to those whose names are Princess and Velvet. Most of the control is for the virtual makeup, but some more focus in basic one, consisting: whitening teeth, zoom and brighten eyes, make your face smaller, lift cheeks and noses.

It is particularly easy to overdo it for humorous effects, but Perfect365 proves its efficiency in delivering persuading results – or at least as persuading as glamorous magazine shoots. Soften Skin doesn’t totally remove all skin textures, but reduces the mottled ones when keeping pores as well as wrinkles. Remove Circles does similarly, it replaces the wrinkles below our eyes with the textures which look like our actual skin. Slim Face feature doesn’t as successful as expected, it forces cheeks and jawline tightly instead of removing our excess skin and fat. Enhance Nose is slightly strange too; it adds more shadings in both sides regardless of light or shadow on the image. Otherwise, its treatment towards makeup is amazing, and has a wide range of options to choose.

It is quite hard and confusing to rate this software. It bears some similarity with a violent computer game: either it is a little bit interesting or it reflects a least attractive in our society. This software implies that normal look is not enough at all, and all of us desire to have brighter skin, slimmer faces and higher nose bridge. Does Perfect365 have the intention of becoming a harmless fun? Its name shows different meaning.

Description: Arcsoft Perfect365


Comments: Basically sound strange, but if you are determined to make your photos look like magazine pages, OK!, here is exactly what you need.

Image retouch software: Require Windows XP (SP2)/Vista/7.


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